PERFORMING OUR DANCE ROUTINE! With Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 23, 2018
  • Watch us come OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONES and learn how to dance from dancing professionals Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler. In this episode we practice until we're out of time. Now its time to perform our dance in front of qualified dance judges. INTENSITY WARNING!Thank you judges!!D-trix's Channel - and Bethany's video -'s Channel -'s Channel -'s Instagram -'s Channel -'s Instagram - By - - 1 - - https://dolantwins.comEthan’s StuffINSTAGRAM - - - EthanDolanGrayson’s ThingsINSTAGRAM - - - GraysonDolan
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  • Sammy Taylor

     9 months ago

    Wow this episode of dance moms has been wild

  • Leah Gamer

     4 days ago

    Sammy Taylor Abby would be yelling

  • Sarah Hensley

     9 days ago


  • monkeylover106 #TeamRugrat

     5 months ago

    20:13 u can thank me byPressingThisButton👇

  • Ayanna Jones

     23 days ago

    This comment came in great use when I needed to rewatch all of this

  • Nina Yung O'Connor

     1 months ago

    The scrap between the 2 kids gives me life

  • Caroline Cushing

     4 months ago

    17:49 today we will be judging 4 different categories....then holds up 5 fingers. Maybe the Dolan Twins will do ok.

  • Calli-ann Fitzpatrick

     1 months ago

    ur thumb isnt a finger :)

  • Flip Flop

     1 months ago

    Caroline Cushing 1000th likeeee

  • Ella Lawlor

     5 months ago

    When Kenzie was just sitting at the table giggling with her hand on her chinShe definitely has a crush

  • Jordan Smith

     4 days ago

    @Zoe Sheldrake I don't

  • Sky Jacobs

     4 days ago

    Luc not every boy just the Dolan twins

  • Chanel Calvert

     5 months ago

    24:03 they just forget about Ethan...

  • iconic vidsss

     10 days ago

    No kenzie gave him a hug

  • Halogirl92 _

     15 days ago

    Chanel Calvert i think they like gray more than Eteeweetee

  • Natalia Velarde

     9 months ago

    I think they should try competition cheer next.AND GET EMMA TO HELP!

  • Of course not

     3 days ago

    idk emmas retired

  • Mariana Alvarez

     1 months ago


  • Amy Rios

     1 months ago

    Grayson : " I'm never gonna be able to have kids again" KEY WORD: again 11:34, like if you heard it to

  • Zahriah Dixon

     4 days ago

    Amy Rios oof

  • Moo Cornwell

     2 months ago

    The girls were crushing so hard 😂😂No hate that would be me too 😂

  • Muqaddas Sharif

     1 months ago

    I don’t see it I think the boys were actually crushing

  • iconic vidsss

     1 months ago

    Lol I don't think so

  • Charity Beukema

     2 months ago

    “I’m not flexible at all” Does splits

  • Madzie Ziegler

     11 days ago


  • Life with Amber

     5 months ago

    Grayson is thicc asf 2019 anyone?

  • shistar emilia

     18 days ago

    @Kalah Savage kinda? He's literally most cute person I've ever saw

  • It’z Steph J

     1 months ago

    Life with Amber hello