One Of The Greatest ODI Matches Ever | England v India NatWest Series Final 2002 - Full Highlights

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 12, 2018
  • Follow India's 2018 tour of England right here: 2002 final of the series between England and India is a classic, fondly remembered by all who witnessed it. It was a titanic clash between the golden age of Indian cricket and an England team full of legends. Tendulkar, Ganguly, Yuvraj and Kumble against Hussain, Trescothick, Stewart and co. Take a moment and enjoy a stroll down memory lane!This is the official channel of the ECB. Watch all the latest videos from the England Cricket Team and England and Wales Cricket Board. Including highlights, interviews, features getting you closer to the England team and county players.Subscribe for more: video from the England cricket team, NatWest T20 Blast, Specsavers County Championship and more.
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  • Subhan Ahmed

    Subhan Ahmed

     6 months ago +4595

    Watched the entire match just for Dada's celebration. 😂❤️❤️

  • Silveniush Marak

    Silveniush Marak

     1 months ago +1210

    Who's watching this after India loose against New Zealand

  • Mohit Nikam

    Mohit Nikam

     1 months ago +952

    I was 12 that time, I still remember my grandma was so furious, she locked herself in washroom after Sachin's wicket. She came out after 10-15 minutes when Yuvi and kaif were playing good. She was chanting Gayatri Mantra to make sure no wicket falls. She was extremely passionate about cricket. I miss her.

  • What's in a name?

    What's in a name?

     1 months ago +659

    Personal opinion..Mobile phones have taken away the thrill of watching cricket together.
    I remember watching this match at home..
    1, my brother & sister, all my cousins, our neighbour friends..all at one place..watching ball by ball..all the mental calculations..(I think this match was on a sat or didn't have to fight with Grandma for remote during her "TV serial" time..otherwise that too)
    Many with superstitions - some wouldn't pee, some wouldn't move, some on their knees, some praying, some crying..It might all seem stupid now..but those were wonderful memories..and I don't get that vibe these days.
    May be because of too much cricket..
    May be because of commercialisation after IPL..May be mobile phones & hotstar..
    Or may be just that I am getting old..
    But for me Kaif completing his run with a leap into the crease & dada pulling his shirt off and swirling it will remain one of the fondest memories of watching cricket.

  • Amarappa 1960

    Amarappa 1960

     1 months ago +916

    Just watched the Rahul Dravid , laid, Agarkar interview and came here to relive 😍

  • MJ Love

    MJ Love

     2 months ago +1897

    Ganguly's shirt off and Yuvi's 6 sixes😍😍😍..thanks to Flintoff😂😂

  • Shahid Ahmed

    Shahid Ahmed

     1 months ago +141

    A Kaif a Singh and a Ganguly bought India the victory...that is the true spirit of India's diversity

  • ênurag


     1 months ago +292

    Meanwhile @17:49 rahul dravid trying hard to stop bhajji from taking off the t shirt 😂😂😂😂

  • Plaon Samanta

    Plaon Samanta

     1 months ago +178

    Mohammad Kaif was an excellent cricketer, I remember those days, some criticize him for slow batting, but in many matches he brought India glory.

  • PC Gaming & Sports

    PC Gaming & Sports

     1 months ago +180

    I didn't have cable TV .. I listened to the commentary on Radio.. those days will never be back.

  • Y M

    Y M

     1 months ago +520

    Who's watching it today? (13-07-2019)

  • First name Last name

    First name Last name

     1 months ago +188

    I truly wants to thank Flintoff for whatever he has done for us 🙏🙏.
    He was the reason for this moment and Yuvraj's 6 sixes. He is one of the best well wishers of indian team 😂😂😂😂

  • dilip jain

    dilip jain

     1 months ago +122

    India's left handers are special :
    1. Sourav ganguly
    2. Gambhir
    3. Yuvraj
    4. Dhawan
    And our latest
    5. Rishabh pant......

  • Vinod Meel

    Vinod Meel

     1 months ago +261

    This is first time i see someone hit fifty before sehvag’s reaching 25 runs..nd that’s our dada ..exactly 17 years ago

  • ApOOrV KuMar

    ApOOrV KuMar

     3 months ago +890

    Mohammad kaif not out 87... Lovely💗💗

  • Ravi Tiwari

    Ravi Tiwari

     1 months ago +370

    Md Kaif the best indian fielder and a fantastic batsman...
    Underrated player, but was as good as Yuvraj Singh...

  • 0077KDify


     1 months ago +272

    I felt that this game changed the way India plays cricket...this game brought on the real 'dada era'. Ganguly was the best thing that happened to Indian cricket at the time. Sachin was always great, but dada instilled a sense of aggression and self confidence in the team that is still here, even increased manifold with Dhoni and later Kohli taking the helm.

  • Rais Ahmed

    Rais Ahmed

     1 months ago +185

    Love you dada
    That was really a proud moment for every Indian.
    Jai hind
    Jai bharat



     1 months ago +87

    That's Ganguly for you. You take off shirt after draw. We take off shirt after winning. Cheers.

  • Jayakrishnan PJ

    Jayakrishnan PJ

     6 months ago +2045

    Any one for Daadaaa in February 2k19 😎🔥