Truth behind PayTM by Dhruv Rathee | Cobrapost Operation 136



  • Dhruv Rathee

    Dhruv Rathee

     7 months ago +1166

    English subtitles are now up! Click CC to see them :)

  • sansharmajs


     8 hours ago

    Boss, Dhruv Rathee : Wow Sensational Journalism...... you are misleading people.....actually you can be-fool the people, who does not have his independent views, standing, intellect, individual qualification to frame decision what is Wrong or Right ? You can put words in the mouth & mind of such people only........
    Pls understand, that almost all companies & their people handling Business development ,Marketing of Company, always talk haywire & hi-fi only, just only to show off, pushing high funda n secure deals. So nothing New. Reality n Metal comes out while implementation. Pls do not sensationalize such normal utterances. Also, if for safety & security some information is needed by Government (with due records), it must be provided without any second thought. Mind it, details of your Voter ID, ID, PAN, accounts etc is provided by Govt ONLY. So the Topic is absolutely Rubbish & Time Wasting...... Hence Dhurv, don't waste our Time. Completely disagree with the Views & content of your Video.... You are talking Hypocrites..... You happily provide access to all android applications have complete access of all your Data, Details, information, contacts,. SMS, Camera, storage files etc all...... here , you are advising not to share your mob No /ID/account no?????? OMG..

  • Manju Devi

    Manju Devi

     9 hours ago

    What if the paytm peoples are saying lie actually they did not do that work they wanted to show off with the reporter

  • Pankaj Singh

    Pankaj Singh

     10 hours ago

    सब के सब बायस होते है सो कोई हिन्दु धर्म को सपोर्ट कर रहा है और कोई मुस्लिम धर्म को सपोर्ट कर रहा है और जिसका स्टिंग आपरेशन सामने आ गया ओ गलत बाकी सब सही एसे नही होता है बाॅस एक पक्ष को सुन कर अपनी राय मत बना लीजिये

  • Rihala Khatoon

    Rihala Khatoon

     10 hours ago

    Veey gud yar tmhey bhut mushkilo ka samna krna pdta hogana

  • US Chourasiya

    US Chourasiya

     18 hours ago

    Bhai apne channel par cobrapost ka toda or prachar kar do..
    Taki unki himmat or kaam karne ka hosla badta rahe..
    Love u bhai..
    Me dil se aapko support karta hu..

  • Abdul Hameed

    Abdul Hameed

     20 hours ago

    I don't install paytm

  • Rahul Singh

    Rahul Singh


    Rathee ji jo aap kr rhe hn shi kr rhe hain expose krna achhi baat h bt aap ek baat ye btiye ki aapko keval vhi scams ya log milte hn jo hindutva involve hote hn,bhai baki k bhi religion hn is country m kbhi unka bhi expose kro to jane ....kyunki hindutva hme sikhata h peacefully rhna isliye aap sara kuch iski aad m bole ja rhe ho r aapko ko koi rokne wala nhi h.aap modi ko expose kro ya rahul ko hme koi interest nhi bt aise hindutva ko peeche na dhakelo ye aap se humble request h...sangh ho yogi ho modi ho rahul ho ya fr koi bhi unko expose kro agar vo galat hn...pura desh ye chahta hi ki koi aap jaisa ho is desh m jo gala k khilaf awaz uthaye.......baki aap bht accha kam kr rhe ho ..hatsoff for u man.

  • Babber Bab

    Babber Bab


    Worst paytm chinese supporter. must ignore all Indians

  • subarashi



    oh reallly itna kuch hota hai bilkul idea nhi tha, now i would say ye bik gaya hai desh

  • Rajat Sharma

    Rajat Sharma


    I respected you dhruv rathee but such an immature and senseless vedio !! What is the level of stupidity you are propogating and a big shame on those who have uninstalled the app after watching this .. you shit heads government told you to link your number your bank account with Adhar and you did by standing in lines and just by listing to this shithead you are bullying paytm .. for your kind information india has its own gos facility how which will be public in few years then what are you going to do throw away your phones for security measures?? Stupid assholes think before praising sone one as stupid as him

  • Rohit prakash

    Rohit prakash


    Ab tumhe nsg commando hi bacha payegi.take care

  • my aim

    my aim


    Bhakto ko mirchi lagi hogi

  • Prantik Pramanick

    Prantik Pramanick


    Lagta hai ladka aadhe mee treatment chor ke aa gaya hai mental hospital se



     yesterday +1

    jiske khilaph ye mahol bnaya gya tha India me ki modi ke pm bnte hi desh tut jayega dange honge mere bhai 5 year pure hone ko hai bta kitne dange hue



     yesterday +1

    itna propaganda chlane ke bad bhi agar bjp road bijali de rhi hai to mai bjp ko hi vote dunga usko nhi jo apne sansadi y I lake amethi me hi 60 year se road nhi bnwa paye

  • jamugul sui

    jamugul sui


    India tere kitne rang ------ har rang mai tu -----be rang.

  • Aarav Shah

    Aarav Shah

     2 days ago

    inloga ka kya hua???? case to hui nai hogi!! mgr ban bhi kuch nai hua....!! 😔

  • samuel badyakar

    samuel badyakar

     2 days ago

    Thanks for making this video and showing us the 2nd side of media ...... Bjp is soo corrupted party

  • Bhushan Wagh

    Bhushan Wagh

     2 days ago

    Pay app Bhim app per bhi account ya data delete ka options nahi hain