Streamers React to Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2019

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
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    The biggest highlight of Day 1 E3 (EA is Day 0). If people weren’t looking at this game before, they were now thanks to the celebrity cameo :)

    Thanks to these reactors:

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  • Austin Pikaart

    Austin Pikaart

     3 days ago

    keanu for smash

  • Surya Prabhat

    Surya Prabhat

     1 months ago

    7:50 - this man had an orgasm

    Me too though

  • Сенсо Хакаи

    Сенсо Хакаи

     1 months ago

    Friend: "So, how many times did you watched Kianu appearing at E3?"
    Me: "Yes"

  • Colin Alonso

    Colin Alonso

     1 months ago

    Dudes be fangirling over Keanu. Don't tell my wife.

  • Raining Snake

    Raining Snake

     1 months ago

    "How's it going?"

    Damn I'm in love

  • Pimp Doggo

    Pimp Doggo

     1 months ago

    7:51 he said " gasp o-o-o-o-o"

  • Komeil _M7

    Komeil _M7

     1 months ago

    Wake the fuck up samuraie
    Keanu is coming

  • Perry Carters

    Perry Carters

     1 months ago

    Yeah, guys.
    CD:PR didn't show up at E3 to play.
    They showed up to win

  • Quantum Raptor

    Quantum Raptor

     2 months ago

    5:38 guy far right shoulda done a spit take lol

  • sevenelly


     2 months ago

    4:43 my fave reaction so far.

  • Luke Fox

    Luke Fox

     2 months ago

    I just cruse down the comments liking each comment because I like the comments.

  • Tony Wizdard

    Tony Wizdard

     2 months ago

    His pants turned a bit white

  • AK Amith Kiran

    AK Amith Kiran

     2 months ago


  • Keep Calm Buddy

    Keep Calm Buddy

     2 months ago

    5:43 someone just got a teddy bear in the box.😂

  • lileth sabino

    lileth sabino

     2 months ago

    Keanu Stabs EA with a USB stick

  • Lil Quest

    Lil Quest

     2 months ago

    Cyberwick 2077



     4 months ago


  • Nonpneumatic


     4 months ago

    5:39 home boy had the perfect moment to do a spit take smh

  • Smith Wesson

    Smith Wesson

     4 months ago

    7:50 He just became wet

  • Sean Tharpe

    Sean Tharpe

     4 months ago

    0:55 That "Yeahhhhh!!!"
    This is still my reaction to everything Cyberpunk 2077!