REVEALING SECRET LEAGUE CRUSHES! Picking each other's Champions! Ft. Yassuo - Pokimane LoL

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 18, 2019
  • I played League of Legends with Moe, Lily & Toast the other day! 😁We played a game where we picked each other's champions. It didn't go so well for me 😳
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    Yassuo also let us know which champion he'd date 🙄

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  • Pokimane


     6 months ago +600

    I swear Urgot Jungle is harder than it looks 😅

  • Suppipe


     3 days ago

    this is hurting my soul as a urgot main

  • sof


     6 days ago

    lily so cute

  • Norse


     a months ago

    If poki is diamond, i deserve challenger lmao.

  • Ryouma Koushiro

    Ryouma Koushiro

     2 months ago

    Does this means Urgot is the hit n run type hero? Kinda new to LoL, first trying this game, btw I'm using Pantheon and Warwick for now

  • Adam Somogyi

    Adam Somogyi

     2 months ago

    Nvm its 2d platform...-.-"

  • Adam Somogyi

    Adam Somogyi

     2 months ago

    3:36 Zoe most spiritual X'D

  • Nobody89


     2 months ago

    Play LoL more pleasee. I hot hit by nostalgia

  • Michael Lam

    Michael Lam

     2 months ago

    Please no Yasuo ;-;

  • Derpwagon


     3 months ago +2

    Me: Ok Poki jungle, interesting
    Poki: Smites first Red
    Me: qegfukegfcdhkhukfcbiqwoefo
    Hilarious video

  • Squishiiie


     3 months ago

    still waiting for a new league video on TFT.

  • Ridwaan Ahmad

    Ridwaan Ahmad

     4 months ago

    I think poki would make a great mum. Mainly because she is good at feeding :)

  • Joe Deters

    Joe Deters

     4 months ago


  • team croûton ricky fc fc

    team croûton ricky fc fc

     4 months ago


  • Diksi 123

    Diksi 123

     5 months ago

    Better to play LoL then Firtnite!!
    Maybe we lose Videogamedunkey and Siv HD but we have you and Moe!
    Poki don't leave us.

  • Duble Thr33

    Duble Thr33

     5 months ago

    We’re you playing with lolnani?

  • Kristoffer Kirkesæther

    Kristoffer Kirkesæther

     5 months ago

    Urgot is so fun!

  • Giraffe king Loves gaming

    Giraffe king Loves gaming

     5 months ago

    My best friend has a huge celebrity crush on u

  • meme are life

    meme are life

     5 months ago

    Im so bad at lol I never played in like a year..

  • Mask Kyrie

    Mask Kyrie

     5 months ago +1

    Most people don’t play league because when they start everything is boring and confusing and. 😔