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  • Published on:  Friday, January 20, 2017
  • Presenting the full song video of the light hearted and warm track from the movie Dear Zindagi, titled Love You Zindagi.Musical composition by Amit Trivedi and the voice of Jasleen Royal add a special kind of freshness and zest to the song.The track stars Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan.Written & Directed by Gauri ShindeProduced By - Gauri Khan, Karan Johar, Gauri ShindeMusic & Original Score - Amit TrivediDirector of Photography - Laxman UtekarExecutive Producer - Pravin KhairnarFilm Editor - Hemanti Sarkar Sound Design - Debasish MishraProduction Design - Rupin SuchakLyrics- Kausar Munir Song Promo Editor : Aasif PathanProduced & Arranged by - Amit TrivediExecutive Producer - Krutee TrivediSupervising Producer - Aashish NarulaRecording Studio - A T Studios - MumbaiRecording Engineers - Shadab Rayeen, Assisted by Abhishek Sortey & Firoz ShaikhMixed by - Shadab Rayeen, A T Studios - Mumbai & New Edge - MumbaiMastered by - Donal Whelan, Masteringworld - U.K.Programmed by - Amit TrivediProgrammed by - Gourab DuttaDrums - Darshan DoshiSaxophone & Flute - Inapakurti D RaoTrumpet - Kishore SodhaGuitar - Joell MukherjiiBanjo, Mandolin - Tapas RoyBacking Vocals - Rajiv Sundaresan, Suhas Sawant & Joell MukherjiiAudio on Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.(C) 2016 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.Subscribe:Vevo - us:Facebook: us:Twitter:
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  • Arijit Biswas

     4 months ago

    Get strong, go out, enjoy your life, do whatever you want to do, dream anything, but never let people inside your mind.

  • Ayesha Fatimah

     3 days ago

    Inside your heart not mind. Only special people deserves the place.

  • Ms. Happiest and Luckiest

     8 days ago

    Thank you 😊✌️

  • Itz Rajat Arora

     6 days ago

    All have one life , Don't waste it in reading comments , enjoy the song 😝✌🔥

  • Enakshi Bishnoi

     2 months ago

    This song should be played those people who are suffering from depression

  • Sarjeet Singh

     11 days ago

    I dedicate this to my mom

  • dija guzel

     14 days ago

    Good idea! 🖒this song give a lot of energie and hapiness!

  • K Chandra

     1 months ago

    Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday. LUV U ZINDAGI!!!!!!

  • Mahendra Toskar

     1 months ago

    Good thought

  • Ashu Chauhan

     8 months ago

    I am coping up with depression. This song really helping me.

  • Biswajyoti Das

     4 days ago

    Simply Breathing can simply push u out of depression

  • Ali Sial

     5 days ago

    I hope you over come


     2 months ago

    Any budy crazy about this song. any one in 2019 mayANY BUDDY LIKED STARTING DILOG

  • Rishi Mishra

     10 days ago

    Yes I am and always crazy about life😜😜😜

  • ravrufus

     15 days ago

    Me, me, me ,,,, 2019 and forever onward.


     1 months ago

    I wish I could also live loving my zindagi.But, everyone has to face reality.Especially, when trying to make your parents proud, getting good grades, you forget that this life is yours not theirs.

  • Hoesuck's Snakeu Colony

     11 hours ago

    I relate so much.Just noticed you're a kpop lover, ddaeng.

  • naresh joshi prabhashankar joshi

     19 hours ago

    Are you army💜💜💜


     4 months ago

    So i was giving my ca final exams last to last year in November. I prepared a lot but somewhere wasn't confident. It was my 5th attempt and when I use to come home after giving my exam, all way long I used to think of commiting suicide. I mean it!!!But then, I use to play this song on my player. It helped me and is still helping to love my life. I am happy:)

  • Sindhu Sri sai

     11 days ago

    One n only precious life Keep trying if ur fed up in trying ...U have many options Go ahead n rock !

  • Vishnu Sibyy

     13 days ago

    @happy puppy 2541 yeah😇

  • Explore the World

     3 months ago

    This movie made me change path in my life. SRK's counselling helped me find me.

  • Ksrtik Patel

     2 days ago

    @Sa Ty t

  • rahul bhardwaj

     22 days ago


  • Sreerag Nampoothiri K

     1 years ago

    Dont Let The Past Blackmail Your Present to Ruin A Beautiful Future!!!

  • JmRia Hug

     21 days ago


  • Vinod Patil

     23 days ago

    How true you speak.Let not my past haunt me, blackmail me.