Bragging That You Did a Nice Thing

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 26, 2019
  • SIGN UP FOR DROPOUT.TV: the INTERNATIONAL app here: available in CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and the U.S.Raph did Ally a favor, and that deserves to be heard by everyone.FOLLOW THE CAST:ALLY: more http://www.collegehumor.comLIKE us on: us on: us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.comSIGN UP for our emails: BeardsleyRaphael ChestangFrankie McLaffertyDavid BashfordPatrick McDonaldCREWDirector - Ryan Anthony MartinWriter - Raphael ChestangProducer - Francesca McLaffertyProduction Coordinator - Jessica ClemonsDirector of Photography - Cooper JamesProduction Designer - Rick MaderHMU - Leigh Schwartz Sound Mixer - Eugene Thompson of BoTown SoundEditor - Joshua Thomas
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  • CollegeHumor


     4 months ago +709

    TECHNICALLY a Panda wearing a bikini is LESS nude than normal. Sign up for DROPOUT:
    OH, btw--we've got an INTERNATIONAL APP available here:

  • Mayyur Sudarsan

    Mayyur Sudarsan

     4 months ago +2984

    Hey everyone, I liked a college humor video... No big deal... I mean I helped them grow.. But no big deal

  • Katrina Freakin' Potter

    Katrina Freakin' Potter

     4 months ago +2147

    Was this video just a sneaky way to tell us about Ally's pronouns

  • Zorro Dog Studios

    Zorro Dog Studios

     4 months ago +1108

    'I don’t want credit, as long as everyone knows I did it'

  • zazanga


     4 months ago +1778

    If Ally is downloading lewd photos it should at least be of the hot babe pig from their closing clip

  • No Refunds

    No Refunds

     4 months ago +886

    "These are Raff Bucks. And there's only 2 of them."
    Street Value: Still $2. But funnier.

  • Isabelle Rycus

    Isabelle Rycus

     4 months ago +177

    Wait Ally’s cheating on the hot babe in the city?? How rude!

  • Angry Kittens

    Angry Kittens

     4 months ago +402

    I liked and commented on this video. Just saying. No need to make a ceremony out of it.

  • Seven For One

    Seven For One

     4 months ago +646

    Anybody else erase all of their lewd photos of pandas really quick?

  • ThomasTurnipples69


     4 months ago +444

    I guess it's better than people bragging about doing horrible things

  • Nat Vasch

    Nat Vasch

     4 months ago +108

    "I'm going to the zoo this weekend"
    Didn't think we'd find out this soon why

  • Mute


     4 months ago +277

    well that panda is under age

  • davrosdaleks1


     4 months ago +98

    I thought this was going to be too similar to previous episodes, but the lewd panda pics changed everything.

  • 9 In The Afternoon

    9 In The Afternoon

     4 months ago +188

    How many of YOUR self righteous, ego stroking friends are like this?
    Zero for me. I'm not allowed near LIVE people yet. Soon though.

  • DrySoup


     4 months ago +265

    Good people
    Don’t brag
    About how good they are ♪

  • Penguin Roll

    Penguin Roll

     4 months ago +368

    Ally is non-binary?! Raph kept referring to them as they/them.! This is brilliant!

  • bigboithor


     4 months ago +32

    as one extremely talented youtuber once sang
    "Good people don't brag about how good they are"

  • carikittygeek


     4 months ago +24

    Is it just me or is the audio mixed odd on this one? I had to turn the volume all the way up to hear the dialogue but the intro and end screen were plenty loud

  • Outlaw7263


     4 months ago +107

    You misspelled "how to get punched in the face 101"

  • ElyssaAnderson


     4 months ago +146

    When dirty panda pics are criminalized, only criminals will have dirty panda pics. Think about it.