Super Mario Maker 2 Gameplay Pt. 2 - Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2019

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 12, 2019
  • Watch as we go under the hood and modify a stage from the Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019 to showcase a variety of new features in this super sequel. And stay tuned for more coverage of this game from E3 2019.Follow Nintendo E3 coverage: #NintendoSwitch #E32019Subscribe for more Nintendo fun! for all the latest! Nintendo on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: us on Pinterest:
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  • 234SuperSimi

     1 months ago

    It's painful watching other ppl play when you don't have the game!

  • Daniel Recio

     15 hours ago

    It’s even more painful when you don’t have a Nintendo Switch :(

  • Milton The Explorer


    potato squid playz 32422

  • TriangularFish

     1 months ago

    Thank you Nintendo for adding online with friends! We really do appreciate it!

  • Pro gore Gamer

     9 days ago

    What friends ಥ‿ಥ

  • Kronome Music

     22 days ago

    Dimentive its called sarcasm

  • MetaMarx

     1 months ago

    5:47 this poor spiny is going through endless purgatory

  • Beagle and Platypus Network

     27 days ago

    Hello click the link and subscribe thank You

  • Captain Toad & Dog e

     1 months ago

    @FilmBucket hello

  • _ D0ct0r _

     1 months ago

    Thankfully they're letting us play with friends. This is going to be a *long* 2 weeks.

  • Mayo78’s Stuff

     1 months ago

    10 days!

  • garrettkidney

     1 months ago

    The way Meowser disappears into the background to shoot fireballs in the 3D World style is so cool.

  • Elvin Garcia

     1 months ago

    @Abdulla Alawady 3D Universal Studios Super Mario Maker

  • Abdulla Alawady 3D

     1 months ago

    Man I wish if Nintendo read my comment

  • 『ながみ』Sirose

     1 months ago

    "As you can see there, the start of this level is simple"Mario Maker Community: We don't do that here.

  • dombomb64

     27 days ago

    『ながみ』Sirose Surprisingly, that was really simple.

  • Steel Tarkus

     1 months ago

    I don't think these Treehouse levels are being given enough credit. You folks did an amazing job on them, congrats!Let's hope the Story and Lession modes are actually used by the general playerbase, and they learn from them, so we don't have a repeat situation where 95% of the levels online are pure garbage... oh who am I kidding they will be

  • Rhiley Lee

     21 days ago

    Steel Tarkus executive

  • StormOfStorms

     1 months ago

    That 3D World course maker music!**snap** **snap**It’s the “ba” done right!

  • DekuShrub 99

     1 months ago

    The koopa troopas disagree.

  • Lauren Vs The World

     1 months ago

    This game is just going to be even more fun levels and rage

  • Slice Ninja

     1 months ago

    @luigi gamer1727627263 and luigi-....oh right u are luigiForget wut i said D:-

  • luigi gamer1727627263

     1 months ago

    Yay I can kill Mario

  • RicanPatriot

     1 months ago

    Me: "Nintendo Please make another New Super Mario Bros. Game!"Nintendo: "No u"Edit: OK this comment is getting some clout thanks guys this has more likes than my average video.

  • Ronald mineblox Gaming Paul HD

     a months ago

    RicanPatriot me: ok then I’ll make my own new super Mario bros

  • Alexx

     1 months ago

    Zykster0 yes, u!