TOTAL FORGIVENESS: Grant and Ally's Fight to the Debt

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 7, 2019
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  • CollegeHumor


     6 months ago +182

    Start your week free trial of DROPOUT today to see the full first episode today and the second episode when it comes out Wednesday of next week:

  • Justin Y.

    Justin Y.

     6 months ago +1581

    One dies a quick death, the other dies in crippling poverty. It's a lose lose situation.

  • johnfaber100


     6 months ago +969

    USA National Student Debt Total: 1,4 trillion dollars
    Germany National Student Debt Total: What's student debt?

  • The Prince

    The Prince

     6 months ago +957

    Wait... is that why Ally Dyed her hair?!

  • Alex S.

    Alex S.

     6 months ago +375

    National Student Loan Debt: is 1.48 trillion
    Me: This is the bad place.

  • Josua Kroon

    Josua Kroon

     6 months ago +338

    Why would you show me this!? I'm drowning in student loans and now I have to get dropout

  • lizard4343


     6 months ago +704

    Wait so it this real them or acting them pretending to be real them, OR real them pretending to be acting them pretending to be real them

  • Ottomaticman


     6 months ago +107

    Last stage capitalism is fun

  • Legozachk


     6 months ago +228

    Dang. This show alone makes me want to get DropOut. Like, it has many other great shows id love to see, but this feels like an honest, real selling point to me

  • Charlie Ewing

    Charlie Ewing

     6 months ago +67

    Hey, can we just start sending this to our congress people?
    Like, people are willing to maim themselves and their friends to pay off their student loans.

  • Borrachinha Happy

    Borrachinha Happy

     6 months ago +316

    Well, Ally's hair is green just because of this series?

  • wanderlustwarrior


     6 months ago +193

    Wait, THAT'S why Ally's hair is dyed? She's really rocking it.
    Also, I really like seeing them all enjoy each other's company at 0:57. It'd be nice to see more of the past and former cast happy together.

  • Nuria San

    Nuria San

     6 months ago +33

    How crazy is that. Americans unable to pay their debt will do whathever it takes to get it paid. It just sad that the USA government do this to their citizens.

  • khristien Pennanen

    khristien Pennanen

     6 months ago +174

    Man if you haven't seen the first episode you have to

  • ForTheVirtue


     6 months ago +20

    I don't know if this seems worth it. All of this, physical/mental harm and breaking of friendships - Just to pay money to the government/school system and still end up living the same lifestyle /having the same job.

  • Ethan Hamza

    Ethan Hamza

     6 months ago +43

    When they were chanting "BEES! BEES! BEES!" I thought they were saying "BEANS! BEANS BEANS!"

  • dayzee


     6 months ago +102

    I just watched the first episode and ohhhhh my gosh it was so good. Please make more.

  • Conor Mooney

    Conor Mooney

     6 months ago +65

    This makes getting dropout pretty damn tempting.

  • Raian Levy

    Raian Levy

     6 months ago +29

    Oh god I wanna watch this so bad... But I don't have a credit card either :(

  • dumb idiot guy

    dumb idiot guy

     6 months ago +10

    Siri, what is the definition of dystopia