Apple’s 2019 iPhone Event In 12 Minutes

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 10, 2019
  • At its 2019 iPhone event, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. The company also debuted a new iPad and the Apple Watch Series 5, along with giving updates about Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ . Here’s everything you need to know from the event.

    Watch Apple Unveil The New iPad
    Watch Apple Unveil The Apple Watch Series 5
    Watch Apple Unveil The New iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max


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    Apple’s 2019 iPhone Event In 12 Minutes
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  • Pineapple


     2 hours ago

    It came to me in the middle of the night that tim cook reminds me of the tortoise in kung fu panda lol

  • Jónás Tas

    Jónás Tas

     3 days ago

    This is so stupid commentary every kne knows they not like a great deal, a smartphone revolution is comming in 5 years

  • RiRi Nelson

    RiRi Nelson

     7 days ago

    I got the last purple iPhone 11 it work so good!!!

  • Salvatrice Ann

    Salvatrice Ann

     7 days ago

    It would be an huge update if you would you would give people longer charging cables.

  • NIRM2009


     7 days ago

    4:11 Wearing an 'always on for months' wrist watch, my grandmom's rofling in the deep xD

  • Ali


     7 days ago

    Not sure why they got rid if 3D touch. A step backwards.

  • Gieb Hearth Tomol

    Gieb Hearth Tomol

     14 days ago

    Apple is fading!

  • palmsarocha


     14 days ago

    Thanks I have exam tomorrow about this KeyNote, so brief and understandable haha

  • Quonset TheHutt

    Quonset TheHutt

     14 days ago


  • Meme Lord

    Meme Lord

     14 days ago

    Scratches at level 6, with deeper grooves at level 7

  • Coco Drilo

    Coco Drilo

     14 days ago

    How many people in the crowd actually have $1,000 in cash they can use to buy the phone? Not the $1,000 you need for next months rent but the $1,000 you can just hold in your pocket for no other reason other than you have some cash in your pocket for the next 12 months?

  • Haribo eater

    Haribo eater

     14 days ago

    yeah, i really like ipados just for those more than just one app thing... other things like ios 13 (except dark mode), iphone 11, stupid expensve arcade. i have ipad air 2 sincd 2016 and i use it even now. so the main meaning i wanna say is that apple became a very expensve and unnecessary expenses including company after 2017 i dont even know wat a binoic chip is lmao and i dont really care

  • shepherdsknoll8


     14 days ago

    I for one, will not be buying anymore Apple products until they bring back more manufacturing jobs to the USA. Apple is the largest US company, manufacturing in China. I don’t care if I have to pay more for their products, I will.

  • Madona Donadio

    Madona Donadio

     21 days ago

    I enjoyed it. iPhones are really great. :D

  • Alejandro Perez

    Alejandro Perez

     21 days ago

    Why the music?

  • Renata Baldissara-Kunnela

    Renata Baldissara-Kunnela

     21 days ago

    CBS documentary about how Apple rip off customers

  • A rome

    A rome

     21 days ago

    Apple: we make the best phone.
    Samsung: hold my beer.

  • Guy Croxford

    Guy Croxford

     21 days ago

    Were gonna destroy your card!


  • Michael Rodriguez

    Michael Rodriguez

     21 days ago

    Steve Jobs must be turning in his grave with the poor public speaking presentation 😂

  • Ybonni pro 120

    Ybonni pro 120

     21 days ago

    Tim Cook GO HOME!