This plane could cross the Atlantic in 3.5 hours. Why did it fail?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 19, 2016
  • The Concorde gave us supersonic transport. But why did this supersonic plane fail? The answer is complicated.

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  • AtomicBoi 76

    AtomicBoi 76

     23 hours ago

    Who else’s looked at the 707 instead of the actual concorde

  • AtomicBoi 76

    AtomicBoi 76

     23 hours ago

    Correction: Concorde was released in 1969

  • PeepyPlays


     3 days ago

    it also had a snoop droot

  • Binge Flix

    Binge Flix

     4 days ago


  • Binge Flix

    Binge Flix

     4 days ago

    Sting across comes across as kind of a SNOB 😏

  • Swagger Son

    Swagger Son

     5 days ago +3

    I came for the meme. But this video was so interesting!!

  • Tina Aoro

    Tina Aoro

     6 days ago

    Home o' "Droop Snoot"

  • WigglezUK


     7 days ago

    Today’s technology could bring back Concorde but longer flights is more money for the airlines so yeah...

  • firstname lastname

    firstname lastname

     7 days ago

    This video feels like it’s treating me as if I’m 6 years old.

  • Deep Heat

    Deep Heat

     7 days ago

    That Air France plane at the very start is taking off with the snoot raised?..... Never seen that before?

  • CastleMama


     7 days ago

    Well if Sting liked it...

  • Matthew Pass

    Matthew Pass

     7 days ago +1

    I went to an air-show once and managed to go inside and look around a Concorde, unfortunately they did not have the original seats. I found out that it had 200 miles of cabling onboard.

  • Steel Wool Sheep

    Steel Wool Sheep

     7 days ago

    A rare case in modern history where we went backwards in technological advancement..

  • NyanCatV3


     14 days ago

    Allow to put different classes on it, organize and make new and different types of seats, take the engines and replace them with Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 from the 787 Dreamliner, then we can bring back la Concorde!

  • Lowgaen Schmidt

    Lowgaen Schmidt

     14 days ago

    There's nothing funny about droop snoots

  • Joe C.

    Joe C.

     14 days ago +1

    I used to know someone who flew on the Concorde several times. He said the noise level in the cabin was deafening at times.

  • Nurdin Kühnel

    Nurdin Kühnel

     14 days ago

    Well, the problem with the Concord the has been from day one on the problem of technical issue unsolved, politics meddling in and various groups and interests competing or sabotaging with each. External consultants like security not showing up at work, financing not being ensured, plenty of external expertise but the useless one, clients not having the capacities for an appropriate landing stripe. Must have been a rather frustrating experience for the management.

  • meryem k

    meryem k

     14 days ago

    it looks like an anteater with its snoot drooped!!

  • bing bong

    bing bong

     14 days ago +1

    we, wrong the UK and France made the Concorde not the americans

  • Emanuele Zamboni

    Emanuele Zamboni

     14 days ago +1

    Because of Vox i'm getting expert on the randomest stuff