The Bizarre Truth About Purebred Dogs (and Why Mutts Are Better) - Adam Ruins Everything

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 28, 2014
  • Watch more Adam Ruins Everything here: more information regarding the truth about purebreds, watch the BBC documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed, or check out the following sources: * Wikipedia: Purebred (Dogs) - * 100 Years of Breed “Improvement” - http://dogbehaviorscience.wordpress.c... * Wikipedia: Kennel Club - * Wikipedia: Pedigree Dogs Exposed - See more http://www.collegehumor.comLIKE us on: us on: us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.comCreditsCASTEmily- Emily AxfordAdam - Adam ConoverMurph - Brian MurphyBritish Lady- Jocelyn DeBoerBritish Lord - Adam Lustick Dr. Frankenstein- Pat Cassels Inbred Nobleman- Paul Welsh Snooty Bulldog Owner- Mike Trapp Additional Dogs - Top Dog Talent AgencyCREWDirector - Paul BirgantiProducer - Dan SiegelCinematography - Matt Garrett Visual Effects - Gloo StudiosMotion Graphics - Bill BergenEdited by - Rob Hugel and Kent KincannonOriginal Music - Sam Nobles. Art Director - Madelyn KimeHair and Makeup - Lauren WildeScript Supervisor - Jillian TerwedoProduction Coordinator - Julia Bales1st Assistant Director - Jordan LittleArt Assistant - Dan WarrenSound Mixer - Ian WellmanBoom Op - Brad HardingSteadi Cam Op - Thom Valko1st Assistant Camera - Chloe Weaver2nd Assistant Camera / DIT - Ben SteeplesGaffer - Daryl GilmoreKey Grip - AJ SoizaGrip - Chad Nagel Production Assistant - Abigail SanfordMatt KerrIntern - Jeffrey VegaMichael Sneeden
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  • mutilator97


     3 years ago +3472

    Can we just talk real quick about how the term "mutt" is supposed to be an insult? They are the healthier breeds, and yet they get a name that instantly connotes a bad dog. Why?

  • I like Cheese

    I like Cheese

     9 months ago +1204

    My favorite breed of dog is dog

  • Oof


     9 months ago +1145

    I guess you could say mutts are..........muttch better

  • - Simplicity

    - Simplicity

     8 months ago +582

    This is why cats usually live so long, we dont breed them like this, and the ones we do (like siamese) have medical issues and are proven to live shorter lives. If we keep doing this to dogs, theyll barely live long at all. Horrible! No wonder pets die so quickly, weve done it.

  • Weido


     7 months ago +168

    My dog is a literal bullsh*t
    Part bulldog, part shi tzu

  • iron 13

    iron 13

     9 months ago +369

    I prefer my cats to be "Generally cat-shaped"

  • randomisawesome


     9 months ago +353

    Adopt don't shop. Words to live by.

  • Monique Perreault

    Monique Perreault

     9 months ago +238

    Poor pugs, we bred them to be unhealthy :(
    Poor German Shepards too, they used be in more shape then me, but now there really fat

  • Mike


     7 months ago +86

    My mut that I rescued from the pound always has been healthy. Stupid, but healthy lol.

  • Celtic fag

    Celtic fag

     2 years ago +2003

    "Adam, Please dont ruin this for me."
    "Sorry, l'm going to."
    I died inside for a bit XD

  • `CyberCocoa `

    `CyberCocoa `

     3 months ago +165

    In what world is a Bulldog considered cute?
    They look like my obese aunt wearing her early spring clothes.

  • Firman N

    Firman N

     2 months ago +117

    "Inbred as Austrian archduke"

  • McKenzie Miller

    McKenzie Miller

     11 months ago +149

    I never thought I'd find myself here to help me write a research paper....

  • Kyle Broflovski

    Kyle Broflovski

     4 months ago +374

    Controversial opinion: Bulldogs aren't cute

  • Lovely Death

    Lovely Death

     11 months ago +308

    I have a mutt that I love very much{good doggys}

  • Naranciat


     2 months ago +52

    "When you hear purebred you should think inbred"

  • Jasmine Davis

    Jasmine Davis

     6 months ago +62

    Unfortunately, this is the same for cats too, purebred cats are nothing more than the mixing of other breeds and then continuous inbreeding to keep them "pure"
    Also: Dude, just shut up and play with the puppy.

  • emeli anemone

    emeli anemone

     5 months ago +46

    THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST RUINING OF ANYTHING ADAM HAS EVER COVERED. i thank you endlessly for creating this masterpiece...
    i truly hope those who have always considered their brachycephalic dog's snorts & snores "adorable af!" actually consider the health implications.
    personally, i prefer my dogs to not be asphyxiating 24/7 because of their morphological features that we've created for"super extra cute!!!!" dogs.

  • winceWorthy


     3 years ago +3959

    man's best friend? more like man's best invention.
    -Micheal Stevens

  • Rachelcookie321


     9 months ago +17

    Corgi’s Bred with a large dog are adorable!
    They look like corgis in costumes!!