Fathoms - Critical Role LoFi

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 18, 2019
  • Hello! You're listening to Autumn Orange where a nerdy ass composer takes snippets from Critical Role and puts them to original lofi hip hop beats! [Caution! Potential Spoilers!]

    Album Art by the talented Angela West.

    Fathoms is the first album of two to focus on Travis Willingham's, Half-Orc Warlock, Fjord! So be ready for some spaghetti western, sea shanty, dark and broody beats with a dash of charm and hope. Quotes range from the campaign's start to the end of the 'Pirate' arc.

    Track 1 features a sample of 34 Ghosts IV by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross.

    You can stream/purchase this album and more on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and most other streaming services/stores. Links: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/autumnorange/fathoms

    Portions of the materials used may contain trademarks and/or copyrighted works of Critical Role. This material is not official, is provided for free, noncommercial entertainment purposes only, and is not endorsed by Critical Role. See https://critrole.com/critical-role-content-policy/ for further details.

    Special thanks to my Patrons! Natalie M. AKA Nat20, Orrienthus, BobombNik, Jameeeesh, Kristen Hartley, Timothy Forbes, James Ekstrom, Peter Ramirez, Sierra, Steffalump, and all others- If you too would like to support my work, please visit patreon.com/vaughnswanson

    And last but certainly not least! My Wonderful collaborators! Do you and me a favor and check out their work, they're all amazing! [In order of appearance]

    R. Morgan Slade
    Twitter: @rmorganslade

    Links to Music: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/halfjay/champagne-laredo-2
    Instagram: yaj_flah

    Twitter: @sama_megami

    00:00 - Name's Fjord, The J is Silent
    02:45 - Strange Dreams I. Watching
    06:12 - Pact of the Blade
    09:22 - Eldritch Blast
    12:04 - High Tension Heist
    14:26 - Strange Dreams II. Consume
    17:27 - Tusks
    21:18 - I Don't Know Where You Are of If You're Even Alive, but I'd like to See You Again Someday
    25:00 - Carry That Weight Feat. R.Morgan Slade
    29:22 - Intermission - Taken Away in the Dead of Night
    31:03 - Ocean Comes Calling
    34:19 - The Sea (You + Me) Feat. Half-Jay
    37:30 - Avantika
    41:05 - Strange Dreams III. Falling Stars
    45:17 - Femme Fatale Feat. Megami
    48:22 - I Give Her My Air
    51:36 - Danger's Coming
    54:44 - True Friends Stab You in the Front
    58:06 - Making Amends
  • Source: https://youtu.be/a3_qzIKgoas