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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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  • Zane Hijazi

    Zane Hijazi

     a years ago +4864

    If you were here for the first UNEDITED RAW video, then you watched some good ass old fashioned content lmfao

  • Jennifer Fix

    Jennifer Fix

     a years ago +1529

    Trisha:"Have you ever thought about hooking up with Heath in a sexual way?"
    Zane: "No"
    Heath: "Dammit"

  • Sierra Cheyenne

    Sierra Cheyenne

     a years ago +1763

    “Do you think you’re the best looking person in the group?”
    “No I’m humble” 😂

  • MTV


     a years ago +1040

    Thanks for coming! So glad you were able to make it :)

  • Skyy


     a years ago +439

    Imagine there’s a fan with the vlog squads stolen cars just chillin in their garage and they are planning to steal more

  • Katie


     a years ago +2492

    ya'll have some bad luck when it comes to your cars lmao

  • rickygreengiant


     a years ago +310

    Zane. Use “Find My Mac”, it linked up to your Apple account. The second someone turns on the laptop, it’ll register the location and send it to you. Someone will eventually get curious and turn on the computer, trust me..!!

  • Bella R

    Bella R

     a years ago +170

    “Zane it’s called all saints not all sizes”
    Honestly me when I shop for clothes😂

  • talia marie

    talia marie

     8 months ago +75

    "Would you die for any of us?"
    *comes out true*
    "...challenge accepted."

  • Simon James

    Simon James

     a years ago +101

    It's funny how Zane's lies were all sexual questions.

  • Heath Hussar

    Heath Hussar

     a years ago +3426

    First!!! I was here before he deleted

  • Tamara Kalohe

    Tamara Kalohe

     a years ago +98

    With your laptop I hope you go file a police report because when/if they pawn it you'll get it back and it may help catch theives. Hopefully you've done that already and hopefully they pawn it. When my house got broken into they pawned almost everything and we got it all back. It took time but we did get it back. I'm sorry shit happens man.

  • Abby Cawood

    Abby Cawood

     5 months ago +14

    8:43 i was bursting out laughing when i saw his hand shaking🤣🤣🤣👏🏼👏🏼

  • Thalia Williams

    Thalia Williams

     a years ago +221

    My brother just had appendicitis, he is 13 (14 now), he got it right before his birthday (June 12) and he got it in school. He literally said he had a stomach ache, we took him in, and the said they had to hurry and prep for surgery. No joke, take your body seriously.

  • Sam


     a years ago +54

    at 11:19 you can hear a really weird groaning/howl noise or something. Does anyone else hear it.

  • Monzerrad Garcia

    Monzerrad Garcia

     11 months ago +22

    I really want to be Matt, Carly, and Zane’s friend

  • shadydreamers


     a years ago +57

    someone stole my car battery this morning, I'm so pissed

  • Joylyn D'souza

    Joylyn D'souza

     a years ago +23

    Team 10 who??

  • Sorsha


     a years ago +24

    The outro was great so that's a positive about getting your stuff stolen!

  • Jaelin Paul

    Jaelin Paul

     a years ago +15