The Trip 2 | Home Away From Home | Episode 6

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 6, 2018
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  • Nasar Syeda

    Nasar Syeda

     8 days ago +1

    Amaya how come like jasline Fernandez

  • Leela Prasad

    Leela Prasad

     18 days ago

    Veer Somehow Sounds like farhan aktar

  • ammu bitra

    ammu bitra

     1 months ago

    I really wonder how dese girls roam all over as dey like🤔 !??!?? Feeling jealous of demm🙄😏

  • Arifa Begum

    Arifa Begum

     1 months ago

    Ananya is the best
    She is charming, hot, cool nd can manage anything....
    Agree guys..?

  • Viki Sood

    Viki Sood

     1 months ago

    Scuba diver Marco does not dive to save the girls...and how come Veer stalk Nazia in a secluded island???'s entertaining but sometimes lacks common sense like in Season 1 and looks like a logic defying feminine version of the Hangover Series....All the time they bump into hot guys,wear fashionable clothes n party...God forbid what would happen in real situations when the girls are left in a tight spot.

  • pratz mishra

    pratz mishra

     1 months ago

    Can anyone tell me real name of Shiv?

  • Ankush Garg

    Ankush Garg

     1 months ago

    Season 2 seems far from reality..too much dramatised on contrary on season 1

  • pushpa mandal

    pushpa mandal

     1 months ago

    😂 Nazu!! She is ❤

  • Shana dreams

    Shana dreams

     1 months ago

    The guys are so bad at acting.and the story is dumb.😑

  • The Naive Guy

    The Naive Guy

     1 months ago

    "baby where've you been i've been so worried." he didn't sound worried even a bit.LOL

  • Akhilesh Mishra Anirudh

    Akhilesh Mishra Anirudh

     2 months ago

    Murukesh ka asli Naam kya hai plz batao

  • Srishti Rawat

    Srishti Rawat

     2 months ago

    Where's this place in Pondi where the last shot with Shiv is taken?

  • Raj Pratap

    Raj Pratap

     2 months ago

    Awesome Series...

  • Anjali Gupta

    Anjali Gupta

     2 months ago

    nazia and veer😍😍😍

  • Jaya K

    Jaya K

     2 months ago

    Nazia and Veer are so cute together💞💞

  • bharti swami

    bharti swami

     2 months ago

    IRA is the best Kyu ?

  • Indraja Salunkhe

    Indraja Salunkhe

     2 months ago

    This Shiv dude is damn cool!!

  • Ishika Kapoor

    Ishika Kapoor

     2 months ago +3

    That was so stupid when sanjay said do you have a facewash.. And she was being so specific about the facewash.. Like TF that MARCO would have lakme strawberry facewash 😒😂

  • derpina derping

    derpina derping

     2 months ago

    Veer sounds so much like farhan akhtar

  • Meenal Jain

    Meenal Jain

     2 months ago

    I bleed more than this every month😂😂😂