CollegeHumor's Worst Days on Set

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 8, 2018
  • The CH Cast remembers the absolute worst times they had filming sketches in the last year.FOLLOW THE CAST:ALLY: more http://www.collegehumor.comLIKE us on: us on: us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.comSIGN UP for our emails: Crown Grant O'BrienMike TrappRaphael ChestangBrennan Lee MulliganRyan Anthony MartinCREWDirector - Ryan Anthony MartinProducer - Bridgett GreenbergProduction Coordinator - Olivia AguilarEditor - Yaniv Elani
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  • Peplar


     a years ago +1180

    Of course grant hated the woods, he's been in the closet all his life.

  • Aaron D

    Aaron D

     a years ago +662

    "Ranch dressing actually burns your skin" Wait what? So we're just going to act like this is normal?

  • Bella


     a years ago +258

    Grant: Hi my name's Grant with a b(ee) and I've been afraid of insects my entir-
    Trapp: wait where's the b(ee)
    Grant: tHERES A BEEEEE

  • Angiethecommoner


     a years ago +832

    What a way to find out ranch burns your skin 😂

  • Bettie van Wegen

    Bettie van Wegen

     a years ago +423

    The puppeteer is a hero. Not all heroes wear capes!

  • Lolo Solo

    Lolo Solo

     a years ago +907

    I miss Zac.

  • UnPhayzable


     a years ago +1428

    It's always a good day on set for Katie...except for when she forgets her cocaine at home

  • UnPhayzable


     a years ago +2312

    Don't forget the days when Trapp goes around asking everyone where he should hide Pat's dead body
    I mean I know nothing

  • Clay Octane

    Clay Octane

     a years ago +80

    The turkey hands were legitimately disturbing and I'm the type of person not to flinch at a wasp

  • Michaelc136


     a years ago +285

    one minute in and I cant tell if this is a skit or an actual behind the scenes

  • Tzvetelina Kumanova

    Tzvetelina Kumanova

     a years ago +173

    I can't get used to seeing the College Humor staff without my brain immediately getting ready for a joke and a punch line

  • Noopur Jain

    Noopur Jain

     a years ago +878

    These videos are beginning to worry me... I hope they're not leading up to a collegehumour goodbye type video.
    I can't do this again after sourcefed 😭

  • FrankTank_Music


     a years ago +214

    This was really interesting, would love more stuff like this in the future

  • New Message

    New Message

     a years ago +1587

    My toughest day on set was the day they found me hiding in Katie's trailer, and it took security 4 hours and a whole can of mace to pull me out.
    Watching them from the back of the squad car while they tried to wrestle all the mace soaked cocaine away from her was excruciating.

  • Bettie van Wegen

    Bettie van Wegen

     a years ago +300

    People who are ok with wasps are actual PHSYCHOPATHS

  • Lily Boschin

    Lily Boschin

     a years ago +91

    So you guys fired Zac because he was the one ruining your days on set. Makes sense.

  • sparkss4


     a years ago +125

    Can't believe you used real ranch for that sketch

  • David Mitchell

    David Mitchell

     a years ago +52

    Warning: Don't watch this on your lunch break,

  • Never Back

    Never Back

     a years ago +120

    If Katy changed her haircut i would not recognise her

  • VinoBianco


     a years ago +72

    i love these videos but why are you shooting them now? your not ending the channel or anything right?