Is JC Caylen a Good Kisser?! | Detected w/ JC and Chelsey

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 16, 2019
  • Welcome to the new show "DETECTED" on AwesomenessTV. The series where influencers bring on their family, friends, and significant others to be grilled with intense questions, while being given a REAL LIE DETECTOR TEST by polygraph examiner.
    LIE DETECTOR TEST ft. MyLifeasEva and Brent Rivera | Brent vs Eva -
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    In this episode, JC Caylen and his girlfriend, Chelsey, decide to ask each other a bunch of fun revealing questions and discover many new things about their dating life. Does Chelsey think JC is a good kisser? Watch and find out.


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    JC Caylen @jccaylen
    Chelsey Amaro @ChelseyAmaro

    Executive Producer: Christopher Babers
    Director: Dustin Lotz
    DP: Sevdije Kastrati
    Production Designer: Anna Ayvazyan
    Editor: Jeff Schroeder


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  • Emily Maikrzek

    Emily Maikrzek

     a months ago +1

    i dont trust this girl

    we need john

  • Avni M. Sharma

    Avni M. Sharma

     a months ago

    I miss Jia♥️

  • Yoovna S

    Yoovna S

     2 months ago +1

    "Do you love me more than you love kian?"
    Kian: " ohhh greAat"

  • Brianna Moya

    Brianna Moya

     2 months ago +1

    Jc is so in love but Chelsea on the other hand seems like she’s not lol. Just my opinion. She seems very insecure

  • bella chloe

    bella chloe

     2 months ago

    f in the chat for kian 😞

  • Avni M. Sharma

    Avni M. Sharma

     2 months ago +3

    Lia and jc were ultimate. So into each other. Idk y i dont see the same vibes bn these 2

  • hafsa Abbas

    hafsa Abbas

     2 months ago

    They're sooo cuteee

  • Aliyah Ortiz

    Aliyah Ortiz

     2 months ago +1


  • Lucy Awdry

    Lucy Awdry

     2 months ago +1


  • thetraphouse.asses


     2 months ago

    I only trust John

  • Aminah Khan

    Aminah Khan

     2 months ago +2

    Omg when he said he loved Chelsey more than Kian i was shook because i honestly thought he wouldve said something like i love both of y'all equally i mean hes known Kian wayy longer but hes spent alot of time with Chelsey lmao his answer compared to Sam and Colbys u can tell Sam and Colby r the literal meaning of friendship goalz

  • Brittany Baker

    Brittany Baker

     2 months ago

    His crooked glasses are bothering me 😂

  • Sienna Grant

    Sienna Grant

     2 months ago +6

    She’s obviously using him for clout lmao😂

  • Ada Yoonmin

    Ada Yoonmin

     2 months ago

    Poor Kian 🤣🥺

  • Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler

     2 months ago

    Jc is such a good boyfriend awe

  • jess


     3 months ago

    Plump lips??? Lmao

  • Jena Priem

    Jena Priem

     3 months ago +2

    Who else literally wanted to cry when he said he loved Chelsey more, like it's your girlfriend and everything I understand that but like KIAN THOOOO😍😔

  • J Fox

    J Fox

     3 months ago +1

    Jc had tons of "lies" because he stopped breathing. He sucks at breathing under pressure

  • bee reyes

    bee reyes

     3 months ago

    the shade lol

  • Teresa Stacks

    Teresa Stacks

     3 months ago +2

    It broke my heart when he said he loved her more then Kian😭😭