Poop in Front of an Audience for $7500

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 10, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Yt5VzZCVYqQ


  • Rob


     4 months ago +1292

    Next episode: ally has to verbally abuse her mother until she cries for $11.

  • Sofia chkih

    Sofia chkih

     4 months ago +1308

    I understand feeling sorry, but this man just got $7500 for taking a dump. I’m sure he’ll recover.

  • isa the great

    isa the great

     4 months ago +379

    my favorite part was when grant said “no shit”

  • Kari Garcia

    Kari Garcia

     4 months ago +615

    Honestly, I hope this is exaggerated. It makes me a bit sad to think this is affecting their friendship.

  • Facebook Business

    Facebook Business

     4 months ago +438

    Basically how I feel in public restrooms with people around.

  • SHBoi


     4 months ago +180

    No Total Forgiveness episodes lately...
    I think not

  • Khairul Rizqi

    Khairul Rizqi

     4 months ago +206

    yeah, Grant won $7500, but it feels like he lost...

  • The Great and Mighty Gabe

    The Great and Mighty Gabe

     4 months ago +156

    Wait, are these things real? I’m used to comedy, not depression.

  • joejaboy


     4 months ago +839

    "Extras aren't people." -Ally Beardsley 2019

  • Maggie Cloud

    Maggie Cloud

     4 months ago +227

    I️ honestly don’t understand why Grant is so pissed off. He not only signed up for this, he PITCHED THE IDEA. He could have said no at any time. Frankly I️’d rather shit behind a curtain for $7,500 than get an Oompa Loompa makeover or sing the national anthem in front of a packed stadium, yet Ally did that for less money and they laughed it off.

  • TC IronBear

    TC IronBear

     4 months ago +294

    Wow, this is becoming an allegory about how consumers force workers to fight and humilate one another for the sake of our need to consume.
    I am both disgusted I watched this and fascinated by the allegory forming.

  • Emily Duff

    Emily Duff

     4 months ago +81

    I've never heard Grant talk so little before

  • Gaear Adan

    Gaear Adan

     4 months ago +138

    This series just transcended to philosophy class material.

  • Flack Byte

    Flack Byte

     4 months ago +193

    Can we just change the name of the show to Late Stage Capitalism pls?

  • Eileen S

    Eileen S

     4 months ago +20

    that was actually really depressing. probably felt dehumanizing

  • LeTalkingMime


     4 months ago +156

    I'm just sitting here thinking of the performance arts I've seen from my friends while I was in art school. I had a vegetarian friend wash raw, bloody meat and then dry it with the white dress she was wearing. I've had a friend that performed with her partner in the parking lot of the gallery at night where they were naked and it only ended if people offered them clothes. So Grant got a great deal for his performance and he had a curtain. that was very considerate.
    Also I can't help but remember a strange game show where they peed to "buzz" in for an answer back in the 90's or early 2000's... I just can't ever remember the name of it.
    Edit: I FINALLY FOUND IT! It was a game show called DISTRACTION!

  • Sinister Scribbles

    Sinister Scribbles

     4 months ago +30

    I feel like Ali gives Grant way worse tasks.
    I’m so sorry. I’m so so sorry, Grant.

  • Julian Veritas

    Julian Veritas

     4 months ago +85

    I legit felt so bad for grant. He’s like my favorite, and I think he’s the most relatable for me. It felt terrible to see the poor guy like that. I hope he can laugh about it now or something. This was just tasteless honestly

  • beebodude


     4 months ago +145

    Grant, you're one of our favorites, please don't quit! <3

  • Nitin Eldho

    Nitin Eldho

     1 months ago +13

    I know Grant is kind of upset but i literally busted into laughter when he said No Shit to Ally...
    Then I felt sad..