World's Worst Pollution! | India v/s Europe Analysis by Dhruv Rathee



  • Dhruv Rathee

    Dhruv Rathee

     8 months ago +495

    This is the link where you can get the suggestions -
    Copy paste them and email it to - [email protected]

  • aman shandilya

    aman shandilya

     20 minutes ago

    The link has already expired.Take this into your matter of consideration.👍to your work.We support you.Keep all these stuffs going...

  • Kirtika Sharma

    Kirtika Sharma


    Draft got expired as the limit was only for 7days. I wanted to mail it but right now I can't. Can you again make another video or upload the draft again? Because I think this topic about air pollution need to be solved by the government quickly or else it will be a major problem not only for the people but the for the Indian government as well.

  • Love Guru Advice

    Love Guru Advice


    Air pollution ko agar khatm karna hai to government k sath logoko b Apni soch badalni padegi insan sirf khud k bare mai sochata hai khas kar hm Indian log
    china , Japan ki tarah hm logo mai desh ki Ekta nhi hai rahi bat air pollution ki to government ne logo ka sath Dena chahiye aur logo ne government ka tabhi Es samsya se chutkara paya jya sakta hai ...

  • Sunny Tomar

    Sunny Tomar


    I have seen many people in delhi. Who had left their villages to live in delhi. I have seen them living in a single room ,breathing poison, drinking hazardous chemical. And I have seen villages where they used to live empty and quiet. I ask myself what they are looking for? Why they have left this beautiful life to live like rats in metro cities? They must not understand life.

  • latest news

    latest news


    Govt should take action..yarr




    I agreed but one thing ye gandgi failane Wale aap aur hum Jaise log hai waha ki log Apne desh ki pyar karte hai aur hum logo Ka pyar khali 26 Jan aur 15 aug ko nikal k ata hai

  • sairon Sona

    sairon Sona

     2 days ago

    Very good brother dhruv 👏👏👍

  • Steven richerd

    Steven richerd

     2 days ago

    Best video ever in air problem solution

  • Info Prathamesh

    Info Prathamesh

     6 days ago




     6 days ago

    Old vehicles in cities also decrease air quality

  • coachdiwakar VLOGS

    coachdiwakar VLOGS

     6 days ago

    Government is busy in changing name of cities... 😂😂

  • Mariorafols Menezes

    Mariorafols Menezes

     10 days ago

    Great research, good content Dhruv. I suggest you make another video on available technologies to reduce air-pollution and compare it to the money wasted by government on statues and bullet train, that could be used to prevent air- pollution and provide a cost benefit comparison.

  • khalil ullah

    khalil ullah

     12 days ago

    Brother talk about the right in India, the blame seems to be Pakistan

  • chetan sharma

    chetan sharma

     13 days ago

    Congress ke Time me to Delhi Bahut Saaf suthri thi. Ye aabadi or Pollution 2017 se pahle to tha hi nani

  • super cool

    super cool

     14 days ago

    Abe kejriwal jimmedar hai....

  • AS Productions

    AS Productions

     15 days ago

    इसीलिए तो इंडिया इतना पीछे जा रहा है यहां लोगों को अपनी जिंदगी की नहीं पड़ी, कुछ फालतू के टॉपिक लेकर बैठ जाएंगे

  • Lovlesh Tak

    Lovlesh Tak

     16 days ago

    Dear Dhruv, I adore you for the Details and Clearity you deliver in respect of the Topic you are talking about.Can you suggest how to have the real and authendticated details about any Topic in our mind. For Me, 1) Converting from Petrol & Desiel Cars and Bikes to Battery Vehicles will help much. 2) Asking Govt to provide dedicated/Compulsory green Area at every 5Km Radius will also improve the situation. 3) Making mandatory for builders to use/ install solar powered Street Light and other common areas lights in the society and small colony too: will improve the situation for sure. Do tell me am I wrong or Right according to your assesment.

  • kuldeep don

    kuldeep don

     18 days ago

    Sayad achchhi adat India me logo ko pasand nhi he tabhi koi nhi bolta is mudde par

  • Vivek Boro

    Vivek Boro

     19 days ago

    We need more people like you on this platform👍👍👍