Chuggin' on Clouds (Music Video)

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 18, 2019
  • Sure, the chemicals are harmful but they taste like Strawberry, what can go wrong?powered by truthFOLLOW THE CAST:ALLY: more http://www.collegehumor.comLIKE us on: us on: us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.comSIGN UP for our emails:
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  • Ser Smiles

    Ser Smiles

     7 months ago +476

    As long as it replaces the terrible truth puppet ads I'm ok.

  • ToyKnives


     7 months ago +549

    Hey, a truth video that is actually well produced. That’s a rarity

  • Sage McCrary

    Sage McCrary

     7 months ago +192

    Look truth, you CAN make anti drug and smoking content that’s not so cringe you it makes my insides curl up in knots. Good job guys, just keep this up and please stop trying to use puppets to ‘be relatable’

  • Sanjula Pilapitiya

    Sanjula Pilapitiya

     7 months ago +285

    not gonna lie at the beginning of the song I thought this is an obvious vape sponsor thing
    boi i was wrong

  • Qwertycal


     7 months ago +610

    Remember that old ad about something called E-Cigarete?
    It was supposed to be used as a step to quit smoking.

  • Elaine Yu

    Elaine Yu

     7 months ago +98

    An ad I actually clicked on

  • Nadia Danielle

    Nadia Danielle

     7 months ago +187

    Yo dis an aggressive cupcake

  • Absolutely Nothing

    Absolutely Nothing

     7 months ago +252

    I low-key wanna get this song

  • CiCiDiaries


     7 months ago +105

    Fyi before anyone gets too upset if listen carefully the song's main critique of vaping is that it is catering toward children, so if you're vaping as a way to get off of smoking altogether then more power to you

  • Sun Lazurine

    Sun Lazurine

     7 months ago +81

    Aye this is actually pretty good

  • z01 llo

    z01 llo

     7 months ago +35

    Werid question...but can I buy the cupcake outfit?
    It's for a friend

  • steven bush

    steven bush

     7 months ago +84

    It is not an attack on people who started vaping to quit smoking. It's for people who have not smoked and dont know about vaping. You can get it with no nicotine, and not everyone knows that.

  • Red Shirt

    Red Shirt

     7 months ago +125

    A joke with a meaningful twist

  • MrNebby22


     7 months ago +50

    Nice even with notifications on and being subscribed it still won't tell me this video is uploaded, but they still put it on my home page :/

  • T GCAX

    T GCAX

     7 months ago +309

    I thought this was a sketch written by Raphael

  • Katrina Byrd

    Katrina Byrd

     7 months ago +15

    I love truth commercials. I vape, but support their efforts to keep children and teens away from it. I mean, it's only smart to keep still developing minds away from chemicals and products that halt, reverse, or otherwise severely effect said development. The creativity in their delivery is only a plus.

  • J. C.

    J. C.

     7 months ago +22

    You do realize that "truth" is funded by cigarette companies?

  • Spotted Buddha

    Spotted Buddha

     7 months ago +51

    Yes....this just might bring me to dropout, great content 💥🔥🔥

  • Laiva


     7 months ago +19

    A music video from CH's

  • Jack Slania

    Jack Slania

     4 months ago +5

    Why’s he sound exactly like JCole 😂