Basically Everything You Need To Know Before Infinity War

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 23, 2018
  • I'm so hyped for the new Avengers: Infinity Wars it's ridiculous. So a made a video talking about everything that has happened in the marvel Universe. If I miss some stuff.....Eh....
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  • SomeThingElseYT


     a years ago +7947

    Want to thank ThePivotsXXD for being apart of this video while also helping animate. He's a really dope dude so go show him some love and subscirbe!!

  • Miss Liselle

    Miss Liselle

     an hour ago

    Lol USYD representation @ 3:30

  • Raul Rivera

    Raul Rivera

     6 hours ago

    I love marvel movies



     13 hours ago

    dude Infinity war sucked it was the worst movie of all time

  • Razer Footsie

    Razer Footsie

     14 hours ago

    I like... watching SomeThingElseYT

  • Muneer Yates

    Muneer Yates

     15 hours ago

    I never seen any marvel movies before i seen infinity war

  • Peter parkers ass

    Peter parkers ass

     16 hours ago

    "Introduces two new characters"

    Bucky.. was.. in tfa... he was an integral part of the story...

  • DG600 V.2

    DG600 V.2


    Were in the Endgame now...

  • Cameron McCoy

    Cameron McCoy


    he is definitely on caps side when he talks about iron man being dumb and wanting the sign the sokovia accords

  • joshua moore

    joshua moore


    You forgot to mention that in Black Panther we're told that Wakanda has the cure for having your spine shattered and being paralyzed from the waste down, but they choose not to give it to war machine.
    Also in doctor strange they explicitly state that the time stone is an infinity stone.

  • Shade _Zekren

    Shade _Zekren


    I think Adam is color blind

  • graco the lizard

    graco the lizard


    I’m only watching this because I have 6 days untill comic con

  • Shanna Wilson

    Shanna Wilson

     2 days ago

    DUDE Spiderman is my favorite out of any of them

  • Ely.Animations


     2 days ago

    a brief history of MARVEL-

  • Ez


     2 days ago

    My Favourite Marvel Film Is Deadpool 2 .-.

  • Chronic Venom9867

    Chronic Venom9867

     3 days ago

    This is on my birthday

  • Alanah gachawolf

    Alanah gachawolf

     3 days ago

    Me: talking to friends about marvel movies
    friend 1: the marvel movies are so good have you seen Endgame yet?
    Me: yes I have its really good
    Friend 2: wtf are you talking about?
    Me and Friend 1:Hello darkness my old friend~ lmao😂😂

  • h Martin

    h Martin

     3 days ago

    Some people in my year have only seen endgame

    I'm like, wha... wha???

    Also tony figured out time travel.

  • Mr. Ramen UwU

    Mr. Ramen UwU

     4 days ago

    Ha you called him daddy 😏

  • Brailey Sloan

    Brailey Sloan

     5 days ago

    Hmmmmmm, I wonder what team Adam's on........

    It's team Iron Man.