Who Cares About Heart?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/XmaqkDlKWCI


  • Zarbi Xii

    Zarbi Xii

     6 months ago +501

    Um, actually, the Torchwood Institute is named after the Torchwood Estate, where Queen Victoria was saved from a werewolf by The Doctor in S2E2 'Tooth and Claw'. This prompted her to create the organisation to defend Earth against alien threats, including The Doctor. In the real world, it derives from an anagram, but not in the universe of the show. Since the question refers to Torchwood as an organisation, not a show, then the in-universe explanation would be the correct one.

  • Jenny Lorenzo

    Jenny Lorenzo

     5 months ago +100

    Thanks for having me on the show! proceeds to watch Torchwood...finally

  • Aaron Kahan

    Aaron Kahan

     6 months ago +288

    I’m going to mention this until it happens: GET “CRACKED ‘AFTER HOURS’” PEOPLE ON THIS SHOW!

  • Duncan


     6 months ago +127

    You should have all three McElroys compete against each other

  • Bismuth Crystal

    Bismuth Crystal

     6 months ago +21

    Um, actually, Torchwood isn't a government agency; it's extra-governmental. Which is in the intro. "Torchwood: outside the government; beyond the police."

  • ouistiti ouistiti

    ouistiti ouistiti

     6 months ago +64

    Hummm actually i enjoy this show more than the sketches

  • Computer Blu

    Computer Blu

     6 months ago +221

    Sparkling water taste like when your foot falls asleep

  • Geoffrey Peterson

    Geoffrey Peterson

     6 months ago +76

    Um actually, the Heart Ring is by far the most powerful ring as its wielder can (amongst many other powers) empathetically control anything with a "good heart". While that makes the enemies immune as their hearts are pure evil, he can control any animals to fight with him. In one of the comics, he single-handedly destroyed a bad guy's entire factory by summoning a stampede of rhinos, elephants, and all other animals of the jungle.
    Also, do you know who also have good hearts? ALL OF THE OTHER PLANETEERS. If Ma-Ti wanted, he could make all of the others his slaves. The only reason he doesn't he because Ma-Ti is the most pure hearted human on the planet and would not use it for evil, hence why Gaia chose him to wield the most powerful of the rings. Furthermore, the Heart Ring has other powers over the other rings, such as being able to restore them if they lose power (from coming in contact with pollution) or to find them if they are lost (which anybody who has spent hours looking for lost keys knows is the GREATEST SUPERPOWER EVER).
    tl;dr: Do NOT mess with Heart.

  • Justin Y.

    Justin Y.

     6 months ago +347

    Who needs a heart when you gotta brain?

  • Karl Piper

    Karl Piper

     6 months ago +27

    If I pay to watch, will you take the time to grade your raw footage?

  • P S

    P S

     6 months ago +15

    Um, actually, Q doesn't have a wife. He hooked up with his old girlfriend during Voyager to create his son q.

  • Ian


     6 months ago +11

    This should be an actual full TV show with a studio audience and prizes for members of the public who could be on it.

  • morhboct3


     6 months ago +73

    Umm actually Q never married Q they did have a baby q but they never had a ceremony so Q was never Q's wife just his lover

  • Matt


     6 months ago +19

    Um actually... the series Torchwood was named after the incident involving Queen Victoria which occurred at the Torchwood Estate during the 2006 Dr. Who episode "Tooth and Claw". The Torchwood Institute was subsequently founded to investigate further such incidents.

  • Don Tuerto

    Don Tuerto

     6 months ago +65

    Um Actually Nintendo published Hyrule Historia, which does confirm a specific timeline, and further games have been added in the japanese site so the timeline still makes (a modicum amount of) sense.
    Edit: Oh they mention it in the video, that's on me for pausing.

  • Subscribe To Me For No Reason

    Subscribe To Me For No Reason

     6 months ago +36

    Soulja Boy: "I made heart"

  • RoguePumpkin


     6 months ago +96

    Um actually, the name or the organization torchwood predates the TV show. Getting its name in a David Tennant episode where the name comes from the manner where the organization was founded after queen Victoria was attacked by a werewolf.

  • Steen Belhage

    Steen Belhage

     6 months ago +5

    Um actually, in the statement at 3:04 you say "Platonic elements", but the 4 elements of earth, air, water, and fire, were proposed not by Plato, but by Empedocles.

  • Auz Payeur

    Auz Payeur

     6 months ago +8

    I’m waiting for just one question about Discworld. Just one

  • sleepingkirby


     6 months ago +6

    Um, actually, the heart ring is not like Professor X. It allows the wielder to communicate or empathize with another creature's heart. Like "touch their heart" idea. He can't control, just impart his thoughts and emotions to another being if that being is good of heart. He doesn't command or control dolphins, he's imparting his feelings and thoughts and asking them to do something. It's closer to the point of view gun than it is to professor X.