Car Surfing with Danny Duncan!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 30, 2019
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  • Danny Duncan

    Danny Duncan

     4 months ago +390

    Mystery box now available! Will sell out. Get it at ❤️ love you guys. Doing a video with fans soon.

  • Mighty Catfood

    Mighty Catfood

     4 months ago +620

    Danny Duncan is the definition of Florida man 😂😂

  • Jaden kim

    Jaden kim

     4 months ago +159

    Danny duncan: car surfing with danny duncan! Putting horns on my tesla! Burning my car! Putting my car on my roof!

  • Dektsterity


     4 months ago +99

    Is it just me or should danny invest in a tv commercial for the memes.

  • Josh Dizon

    Josh Dizon

     4 months ago +56

    His mom honestly looks a little better, sounds nots so great, but she looks healthier. 👍🏽

  • Minimuzboy 86

    Minimuzboy 86

     4 months ago +112

    Hey Danny is Donald out of jail yet if so you gotta find him

  • Don Vito

    Don Vito

     4 months ago +1166

    Get him to win Homecoming King. Put it up on billboards n sht.

  • Alyen


     4 months ago +41

    Danny is one of those people who are just good at life.

  • 500 on me GWAPGANG

    500 on me GWAPGANG

     4 months ago +56

    When you’re so famous you put your own name in the title

  • Kermit Suicide

    Kermit Suicide

     4 months ago +31

    Put the Honda fitt on top of the roof of the person who made the complaint

  • MakeItRain16LAX


     4 months ago +17

    “Only students can vote, that’s why it’s gay” -future prom king

  • Kevin Estevez

    Kevin Estevez

     4 months ago +908

    i think its hilarious how the law works
    watch him move the car back and forth the rest of his life

  • Adrian Lomeli Jr.

    Adrian Lomeli Jr.

     4 months ago +12

    This is how many times he said f**k

  • ChronicleShadow


     2 months ago +9

    Mom: You could go to jail. Danny: MoRe CoNTenT 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Xavier Bachop

    Xavier Bachop


    how much did u have to pay for the road damages😂

  • Jacob Barnard

    Jacob Barnard

     4 months ago +15

    Pls hang out with Baylen Levine that would be legendary

  • Welshy


     4 months ago +785

    One like = 1 R.I.P. to Danny’s Honda Fit.

  • Zachary Caltrider

    Zachary Caltrider

     4 months ago +12

    Someone buy me a mystery box or even a shirt and I’ll repay you in my love <3

  • christopher martino

    christopher martino

     4 months ago +8

    3:29 taking pics with a disposable camera lmaoooo

  • Cophes


     2 months ago +3

    I love how Frankie is happy about towing the car