Which is the Best State in India? | Dhruv Rathee Analysis on Economy, Environment, Development

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 6, 2018
  • India has over 29 states and 7 union territories. In this video, I discuss which is the best state in India based on ten different factors analysing the overall development.

    GDP Growth
    Human Development Index
    Sex Ratio
    Electrification Rate
    Multi-dimensional Poverty Index
    Ease of doing Business
    Crime Rate

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/XPwVq56l1rk


  • Dhruv Rathee

    Dhruv Rathee

     1 years ago +1818

    Using the same data, the following 5 states would come in the top 5 along with the one I mentioned as the best above. 
    Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab.
    One more mistake: Ease of doing business rank of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana is no.1 as of 2016. Gujarat was no.1 in 2015

  • Om Raut

    Om Raut

     29 minutes ago +1

    Number 1 Maharashtra

  • najeeb kollam

    najeeb kollam

     an hour ago

    East or west kerala is the best n0rth or south shut your mouth adich polikk makkale

  • Rj jat world

    Rj jat world

     an hour ago

    Yar haryana Punjab Ka name ni liya.. Vo b bhot chijo me best hai 😊



     8 hours ago

    Proud to be A malayali

  • Roushon Alom Sk

    Roushon Alom Sk

     10 hours ago

    India ka best state hai Assam...Agar Assam me ayega toh malum hoga...Yeh Assam hai Isme sab Awesome hota hai...

  • Roushon Alom Sk

    Roushon Alom Sk

     10 hours ago

    Kus chijo toh 1nmbr me hai Humara Assam...I live in Assam & I like my Assam...

  • Roushon Alom Sk

    Roushon Alom Sk

     10 hours ago

    Assam Sabse last hai kiya...

  • Roushon Alom Sk

    Roushon Alom Sk

     10 hours ago

    Please send ur WhatsApp nmbr bro...I like u & also ur thinking.

  • jeya ruban

    jeya ruban

     11 hours ago

    BJP no in South so they are good but BJP started harrassing south by its Sabarimala issue water issue in TN and KA best is say no to BJP then north State devolop

  • Sangam Pandey

    Sangam Pandey

     11 hours ago


  • Rajat Sharma

    Rajat Sharma

     13 hours ago

    Something about Haryana Punjab Himachal J&K

  • Abdu Rahman

    Abdu Rahman

     13 hours ago

    I am from kerala

  • Prasanna Kumar

    Prasanna Kumar


    N1 Karnataka

  • Vishal dashing

    Vishal dashing


    Tamilnadu will be no.1 soon. Jai ho ..

  • sumit gawali

    sumit gawali


    Aamcha Maharashtra jagbhar changla
    Mi Marathi jag Marathi
    Jai Maharashtra jai mns

  • Vinod kumar

    Vinod kumar


    Is Telangana included in AP in this

  • Bishal Saha

    Bishal Saha


    Government karala ka assa ha

  • Mallanna Jakka

    Mallanna Jakka


    A small correction. A.P is number one in ease of doing business. I love Kerala.

  • Vinod mohite

    Vinod mohite


    why Maharashtra not best state