Eating With Your Rich Friends

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 20, 2017
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  • Jec

     2 years ago

    Could've just asked for a small loan of a million dollars.

  • deadSkrilla s•k•r•i•t••

     1 months ago

    Eeeeeeh nice shoe horn

  • Dylan Jeffryes

     3 months ago

    Spending a loan of a million dollars on dinners would be a very poor investment.

  • SpartanA116

     10 months ago


  • Deo Balinos

     15 days ago

    Just noticed it is brennan. Cool

  • youknowwhat500

     2 months ago

    The Tide CEO was his first sketch as an official cast member. CH themselves even said so in the pinned comment of that video.

  • Maxer13

     1 years ago

    Unless you are rich, don't hang out with a rich person. Except, of course, he pays. :P

  • TheInfernapeKing Battletube

     6 days ago

    If that treats for lunch then go. Because nothing beats a free lunch

  • QuantumApex

     8 days ago

    Show me your friends and I will show you your future

  • Tornado Bomb

     3 months ago

    'Your boss wont just give you the money?' Welcome to earth everyone

  • Patrick Dulfo

     a months ago

    Shes sooo rich she has subtitles. Dayum cant even afford to say words sometimes

  • Percival The Mad Crusader

     2 months ago

    For being delusional with reality and too rich to understand grant, they are actually good friends.They give him advises on finasials.They pretend they care about his life.They invide him to go to their house on vacation.They even considered the fact that he doesn't like truffles so they ordered HALF the table without truffles.Not bad friends if I say so.

  • Hexalynn

     1 months ago

    maybe that's why he still hangs out with them

  • D.P Argame

     1 months ago

    ohWell I can't argue with that

  • VWINGforthewin

     8 months ago

    Because this sketch is just so utterly ridiculous, I think it is possibly my favourite. I mean Trapp mouth movements are just so f***ing weird xD

  • Benyawe Sata

     10 months ago

    I legit just realized that Brennan was Carnegie

  • Mr. ZAP

     2 months ago

    Yeah he worked behind the scenes for awhile and took occasional bit parts before being promoted. Several of them did, actually; I know Katie did for sure, and I think more recently Jess did.

  • Bazerk cedeño

     1 years ago

    Why do rich people sound like they don't have any tongue

  • Crazy Girlie

     13 days ago


  • MrMrRubic

     2 months ago

    "i have a debit card and the card they give you when you're at credit risk""I don't understand"Pure comedy gold