CYBERPUNK 2077 E3 2019 | Reactions to Keanu Reeves COMPILATION

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
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  • JTReviewsPlus

     1 months ago

    Keanu Reeves is the most likeable actor in Hollywood change my mind.

  • Shuvva _

     28 days ago

    Keanu wouldnt want to be the most likeable. He would want someone else to be

  • Doom Slayer

     1 months ago

    JTReviewsPlus you sure keanu Reeves is the most likeable your wrong he is the mostly loveable actor in Hollywood change my mind

  • ConsejosGaming

     1 months ago

    John ConstantineJohn WickJohn Silverhand.....*He was born to be a John*

  • Avishek Mitra

     6 days ago

    Jonathan Harker..

  • Damnits

     10 days ago

    Johnny Bravo lol

  • mm12345777

     1 months ago

    So apparently there´s a petition to make Keanu Reeves Time Magazine´s Person of the Year!!!!! Does anyone know where to find this and how we can contribute? LET´S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

  • andrayathevampire

     5 days ago

    Beautiful Rot thanx

  • Beautiful Rot

     1 months ago

  • Randy Monster

     1 months ago

    "How much do you think they payin him?" Not enough.

  • のびのびおもち

     3 days ago

    Leeroy C do you even know his story? Keanu is the kind of guy who doesn’t care about money

  • Leeroy C

     6 days ago

    He would take a percentage of what the game makes.

  • SepticStache

     1 months ago

    03:45 love the guy who was able to identify Keanu only by hearing his voice. Haven't found any other person who was able to do so

  • Paweł Brożyna

     1 months ago

    I did, same week John Wick 3 first so probable It helped

  • Primal Equinox

     1 months ago

    "Is that Keanu?" guy must've watched the whole Matrix movies and John Wick movies like thousand times

  • Chris Plissken

     1 months ago

    And point break and Bill and Ted's awesome adventure xD

  • Pinguim De Bel'Air

     1 months ago

    why not?

  • Centurion Fragger

     1 months ago

    Keanu Reeves: The coolest guy in the universe

  • Dr. Red eye

     3 days ago

    And ofcourse the most breathtaking aswell

  • Eric de windt saavedra

     1 months ago

    Jajajajajsjajajjakajajajajakajakakakaksjkskakakakakakak fuck yes😂😂

  • Komido

     1 months ago

    *_Keanu Reeves is the best waifu_*


     17 days ago

    you mean husbando

  • Rono Islam

     28 days ago


  • Harley

     1 months ago

    İ cant stop watching keanu !! Send help!!!

  • Yousif AlZahrani

     28 days ago

    No need to .

  • Sam Nightraxx

     1 months ago

    Keanu is so badass, he could literally just take a shit on the stage and people would still love it

  • Aa Ll Ii HD

     27 days ago

    Well that was ehm 😂😂

  • glitch gamer

     1 months ago