CYBERPUNK 2077 E3 2019 | Reactions to Keanu Reeves COMPILATION

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
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  • Antonia Neide

    Antonia Neide


    Merece ele é humilde.

  • VulpesGaming



    lul these reactions are gold

  • hutu hutuyev

    hutu hutuyev

     2 days ago +1

    6:17 Keanu comes out and chat gone crazy

  • This is Scorpio

    This is Scorpio

     7 days ago

    His silhouette is as icon was Michael's Jordan's brand.



     7 days ago

    It was one of those moments when the entire #Hollywood has gone nuts !! He literally broke the internet .

  • Phoenix moon/

    Phoenix moon/

     7 days ago

    Guys you will f****ing love it!!!!!!!!

  • ThePxv


     14 days ago

    OMG im polisch and im soo proud last

  • ROCK Mon

    ROCK Mon

     14 days ago +1


  • simpleMaster.94


     28 days ago


  • simpleMaster.94


     28 days ago


  • Dayne Chastant

    Dayne Chastant

     1 months ago

    111 people refuse to be excellent to each other...

  • []


     1 months ago

    microsoft always loses e3. and then this happened

  • Evohls


     1 months ago

    came back to this and see how this day made every guy become fan girls! We love our Senpai Keanu (:

  • Extinction


     1 months ago

    Black people, white people, young people, old people, men, women, human, animal... Loving Keanu joins us!

  • Dizzy Biaktluanga

    Dizzy Biaktluanga

     2 months ago

    Even Shroud was hyped

  • Renee - KingsDaughter

    Renee - KingsDaughter

     2 months ago

    'We got John Wick!!! Don't kill this man's dog!!" This was the most amazing react EVER!!! I don't even have an Xbox, but I'm still getting the game!

  • Games trailer. and song

    Games trailer. and song

     2 months ago

    Youre B R E T H T A K I N G YOU ALL ARE B R E T H T A K I N G

  • Nathan Drake

    Nathan Drake

     2 months ago

    not only pc and x-box one... and Playstation 4
    this is SciFi game, not only action game, not john wick, this is MATRIX NEO.........

  • Andi H

    Andi H

     3 months ago

    That asian guy at 5:00 orgasms lol

  • Turay Tunc

    Turay Tunc

     3 months ago

    Game Name Must Be Change, Should. "Keanu in 2077"