Stop Pitching Sketches About Other Cast Members

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 25, 2017
  • I’m still sour about her sketch “Whoever Writes Our Youtube Video Descriptions Smells Like Cat Dander And Fart.”Katie’s sketch pitches are clearly about the other cast members, and they’re far from positive. She tries to pretend they’re not, but Grant’s tears don’t lie.Hardly Working - What really goes on in CollegeHumor offices may surprise you, unless you're already familiar with unprofessional, inappropriate slackoffs getting nothing done.See more http://www.collegehumor.comLIKE us on: us on: us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.comCASTKatie MarovitchMike TrappGrant O’BrienRaphael ChestangSiobhan ThompsonCREWDirector - Ryan Anthony MartinWriter - Katie MarovitchProducer - Shane CrownProduction Coordinator - Francesca McLaffertyEditor - Brandon Hauer
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  • theokchannel


     a years ago +5777

    Wait... wait....
    who pitched this?

  • CyanCreator


     a years ago +1314

    - Grant 2017

  • Juliette


     a years ago +4436

    the raw emotion in grant's face is the best acting I've seen

  • nfvy


     a years ago +2875

    Imagine if Grant's microscope bit was actually brilliant and metaphorical but Grant was just unable to articulate it. Please continue this bit. This keeps me up at night.

  • Jack TM

    Jack TM

     a years ago +1330

    Grant’s sadface physically hurts me I’m legit gonna cry

  • backfandango


     a years ago +1364

    i feel like Katie’s catchphrase is “fiiiiiiiiiine!”

  • Dasju Martinez

    Dasju Martinez

     a years ago +1241

    I love how Grant's face show's soo much pain lol.

  • Gabriel Giron

    Gabriel Giron

     a years ago +673

    Mike said "Grant are you pitching a microscope again?" and I lost it immidiately

  • Sir Chicken VII

    Sir Chicken VII

     a years ago +391


  • Offstar1029


     a years ago +426

    Well at least Katie has moved on from sketches about the horrible things in her life and is now focusing other peoples horrible aspects...

  • Amanda Salisbury

    Amanda Salisbury

     11 months ago +187

    The pan to Grant tearing up is the funniest thing ever

  • Storm Moody

    Storm Moody

     a years ago +279

    Stop making Grant cry :s lol

  • EclecticMillennial422


     a years ago +210

    Grant is such a good actor. How is he not on a show yet?

  • Kaya Kendal

    Kaya Kendal

     2 months ago +59

    "Katie you're being really mean to Grant... you know he can't help it" 😂 dead

  • TheKiwy


     a years ago +29

    In an other sketch, Grant says he hates confrontation. Here, when things start to get tense, he shouts ”hmmmmmm” to cover the noise.

  • It's Me

    It's Me

     a years ago +120

    Wait, having Celiac counts as a personality trait?
    Are you trying to tell me that I have a personality? 😀

  • IamPandora Bitches

    IamPandora Bitches

     8 months ago +60

    Grant's external reactions are my internal ones on a regular basis even though on the outside I'm literally equal parts everyone else.

  • sle


     a years ago +57

    Why are they looking at pyramids?

  • Smug


     a years ago +345

    Katie made CH great again. Thanks Katie.

  • Dialectics


     a years ago +783

    No, no, no. Doesn't go dark enough! Should end like this: Katie says: "Let me pitch the last sketch. This one is called, 'A woman who points out the faults in others through poorly disguised sketch pitches so she doesn't have to face the realisation that she is a not only too cowardly to take responsibility for her own insults, but that she finds it necessary to insult others to hide the blaring realisation that she is a terrible person who probably should have done her co-workers and the world a favour by throwing herself off a bridge.' The only problem I guess is that it might be too long. What do you guys think?".
    long pause filled with terrified stares, another close up of Grant who is again trying to unsuccessfully hold back the tears, only this time the tears are not for himself, but for Katie.
    Then you follow and end with funny restaurant-Celiac Disease scene. I really need to write for you guys.