AQUAMAN: 7 Minute Extended Trailer (2018)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 28, 2018
  • Here are all Aquaman trailers in an enxtended video
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  • Oscar Yecid Herran

    Oscar Yecid Herran

     6 months ago

    Esta y shazam son la mejores películas del extraño DCU

  • Ultra Quest

    Ultra Quest

     10 months ago

    Different version of Aquaman Trailer with cool music on it if anyone's interested:

  • Fedz G

    Fedz G

     10 months ago

    As we slowly transcend into thee Age of Aquarias

  • Mark Franks

    Mark Franks

     10 months ago

    He made a poor Conan. He just wasn't big enough.

  • Arina Ventura

    Arina Ventura

     11 months ago

    Omg no the movie was so cringe an cheesy

  • Last Breath

    Last Breath

     11 months ago

    Still haven't seen the movies... Was that Ariel?

  • Miguel Diaz

    Miguel Diaz

     11 months ago +1


  • Ronit Sharma

    Ronit Sharma

     11 months ago

    she is hot

  • Quagsire Clearaszerg

    Quagsire Clearaszerg

     11 months ago

    Whack, where are the shrimps???

  • bigbadcat bigbcy

    bigbadcat bigbcy

     11 months ago

    bunun çevirisini yapan salağın te amk 1 kelimeyi bile doğru çevirememiş neredeyse

  • Jacek Zzz

    Jacek Zzz

     a years ago

    omfg didnt they just opened the sixth element? Bruce is going to be pissed as hell!

  • Everett Seeby

    Everett Seeby

     a years ago

    1:17 is that Ariel?



     a years ago

    I love this movie

  • Loke Alhat

    Loke Alhat

     a years ago

    She is hair colour. Beautiful.🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • MaryLynne Wrye

    MaryLynne Wrye

     a years ago +2

    Loved the movie

  • Daisy Mata

    Daisy Mata

     a years ago

    1:24 you are part of something deaper XD

  • MariahYanez EL

    MariahYanez EL

     a years ago

    OMG...this is giving me CHILLS!!!!!

  • Ruth W Myers

    Ruth W Myers

     a years ago

    Where can I watch this movie?

  • Paul Jordan

    Paul Jordan

     a years ago

    Absolute worst subtitling work I've ever seen! The source (badly educated, likely foreign) is a disgrace! SAD!

  • sara sara

    sara sara

     a years ago

    BRAVO !!!