Whose Black Money is in Swiss Banks? | Ep.9 The Dhruv Rathee Show [Indian Rupee, Foreign Expenses]



  • Dhruv Rathee

    Dhruv Rathee

     6 months ago +1124

    If you want to see only GOOD NEWS, then start watching the video from 10:06 😉

  • kishan behera

    kishan behera

     2 hours ago

    Plzz...do research BJD odisha sarkar...

  • umesh Kamble

    umesh Kamble

     11 hours ago

    Good Job

  • umesh Kamble

    umesh Kamble

     12 hours ago

    Good job

  • Ram chand Mehta

    Ram chand Mehta


    Indeed you are paid dala.

  • Ram chand Mehta

    Ram chand Mehta


    Leave words Mujhe Lagata hai , you are not a judge. Please give news as per your source. Mujeh Lagata hai, shows that you are prejudice in giving information.

  • tusar hasda

    tusar hasda

     2 days ago

    tell sth on Arnab Goswamy?

  • Kamal Kumar

    Kamal Kumar

     2 days ago

    Wah, bus tu hi agla PM hai, tu sab janta hai, baki sab to C hai

  • technical mind

    technical mind

     2 days ago

    Ha bhai tumharei papa arvind kejriwal or rahul gandhi hi desh kei sachhei insan hai or sab jumla kar rhei hai 2g 3g 4g boforce vijay malya ka nirav modi robert vadra kitnei asei ghotalei dikhyei hai mujei pta hai tum ek dallal. Ho or kuch nhi imandar admi chain sei so rha hai kha rha hai jee rha hai hum log ko koi preshani nhi hai par tum ko jayada khugli ho rhi kuy ki tum dallal ho

  • Balli Singh

    Balli Singh

     3 days ago

    Modi ka dusman dhruv

  • Mahesh Kumar

    Mahesh Kumar

     3 days ago

    Please make Video on subramanian swamy

  • Mohammed Afzal

    Mohammed Afzal

     3 days ago

    Keep on going brother one day the change will come

  • Rashmi Chouksey

    Rashmi Chouksey

     4 days ago

    Ye manmohan ji ke expenses Kam hai Bhai traveling

  • Tapaswi Dash

    Tapaswi Dash

     4 days ago

    Bjp ko hatao

  • Atul Mishra

    Atul Mishra

     4 days ago

    Modi is great leader of India. Ap keval negative hi dekhte hai per positive to batate hi nahi. Kyo yar logo ko misguide kar rahe ho. Har achchi ke piche kuch na kuch negative to hi jata hai. Iske bahut example hai yadi samjh na aye to comment bolna bata dunga

  • Vinod Kumar

    Vinod Kumar

     4 days ago


  • SuGa SiNi

    SuGa SiNi

     4 days ago

    Sir you influence many people, don't put your points like an illiterate be broad minded. Respect our PM. See the courage and every quality that he has got. Will you even be able to give a speech without a bit of paper. Don't read all your scripts. Have ur mind in it. PM modi is not going on world tours enjoying with his family colleagues.! India has signed major agreements through his visit to various countries. The major are Australian agreement, Mtcr, wassenar agreement. Pleas make a study upon the importance of all these agreements which UPA Govt couldn't make these years. Do u know about US Sanctions? India was exempted from it on importing oil from Iran. Can you realise the power india gained due to PM modi 's visit to various countries ? Yar please don't create the negative impact on our Govt just because u need more subscribers! If u were given these responsibilities, u would definitely know ur condition and where u stand. its better to do something than doing nothing. Be neutral

  • sarvesh prasad

    sarvesh prasad

     5 days ago

    Sir jisne desh ko akta ka patha padaya chuaachhut ko khatam kiya desh ke sabhi religion ko ak sath lekar desh india ka gathan kiya desh ki economy banai us mahan founding father ko introduce kariye

  • Shubham Kiroriwal

    Shubham Kiroriwal

     5 days ago

    so do u think than rahul gandhi is better than modi??

  • john John

    john John

     5 days ago

    Excellent massage VIDEO congratulations