PS5 Release Date, New Controller & Hardware Details Surface

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 8, 2019
  • Sony has revealed new official details about PlayStation 5, much to our surprise. Let's break it down!
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  • Fearless Tv

    Fearless Tv

     9 minutes ago

    Guess it’s time to sell my ps4

  • miss diva

    miss diva

     11 minutes ago

    What do you think the price range will be

  • Senior Partner

    Senior Partner

     14 minutes ago

    They should make it Playstation 360 just to piss off Microsoft

  • Purple Planet

    Purple Planet

     15 minutes ago

    Just when you bought a new Controller. But haven't bought the 4 yet so now I will wait.

  • Dedskin Prodcer/DJ

    Dedskin Prodcer/DJ

     24 minutes ago

    Stinks of fake news like crazy , exploiting the dumb ass kids , far as i know Sony CEO said that PS 5 is not even an option , that is still ringing in my head , reason behind it , Developing brick wall due to expensive games , and tech brick wall coming from inability to make cheaper hardware . In all that light , i dont know

  • Andrew Welsh

    Andrew Welsh

     25 minutes ago

    i like ps4 better than ps5

  • Bisy #2

    Bisy #2

     26 minutes ago

    like: don't even have a game console

  • Isaac A

    Isaac A

     33 minutes ago

    I won't buy it unless it clocks higher fps. That's all I care about



     39 minutes ago

    Will my ps4 games switch over

  • Paul Rains

    Paul Rains

     52 minutes ago

    If the controller gets bigger I might get the ps5, that’s the main reason I play Xbox is bcuz of the controller, I’m not a fan of the size and placement of the analog sticks



     59 minutes ago +1

    How many ppl that will buy the new Ps5



     59 minutes ago +1

    Who else is scrolling down to the comments while watching the video?

  • Sly Blu

    Sly Blu

     an hour ago

    We need another LEGEND OF DRAGOON!!!!!!! Pleeeeeeaaaase!!!

  • el indio

    el indio

     an hour ago +1 cool with my old consoles. Fook PS5

  • Owais Abbasi

    Owais Abbasi

     an hour ago +1

    I can't even afford ps4

  • Dan Vercruysse

    Dan Vercruysse

     an hour ago

    I recently moved to Switch and traded in my PS4. I feel like it was one of the best moves. I knew nothing about the Switch because I stopped playing Nintendo games back in the N64 days. I can say despite the Switch being less in graphics. The Switch has a extremely high rate of game and the indie games are awesome.

  • Johan Geldenhuys

    Johan Geldenhuys

     an hour ago

    PS 4 still too expensive. What will the PS 5 cost. I'll stick to PC

  • high ninja assassin · 3 years ago

    high ninja assassin · 3 years ago

     an hour ago

    2050: the PlayStation 12

  • NinjaAndy6 :/

    NinjaAndy6 :/

     an hour ago

    The PS5 will be $499 or $599. They say this cuz it gonna vary on what they have and all the stuff that it can do.

  • 33drewster


     an hour ago

    Looks good, can't wait