Alita Battle Angel Alita origin story Movie Clip HD [2019]

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 26, 2019
  • #AlitaBattleAngel
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    A deactivated female cyborg is revived, but cannot remember anything of her past life and goes on a quest to find out who she is.
    Director: Robert Rodriguez
    Writers: James Cameron, Laeta Kalogridis
    Stars: Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly

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  • Mr. Glass

    Mr. Glass

     2 months ago +187

    Will there be a next part of this movie? There are lots of unanswered questions left..

  • Aquariums and more

    Aquariums and more

     7 hours ago +1

    Why did Alita have the same eyes and hair when I saw all of her memories?!?!

  • Александр Пятков

    Александр Пятков

     18 hours ago

    Так так так...кто тут у нас? Алита?=)

  • TR YR YR

    TR YR YR

     3 days ago

    I say chicken five times a day to increase my stamina.

  • MAHDA LENA chennel - 2010

    MAHDA LENA chennel - 2010

     5 days ago

    I fens with alita and others except enemies

  • Manilyn Labador

    Manilyn Labador

     7 days ago +1

    I really love this movie, i love everything about her. And i'm begging for a "Part ll".

  • Manilyn Labador

    Manilyn Labador

     7 days ago

    Please (part ll) pleaseeeee.????

  • eaux


     7 days ago +4

    You can really see Alita growing from a naive little teenager girl to a young lady recognizing the evilness and the need to do something about it. She goes from a rebellious teenager saying "I'm not your daughter" to one understanding the fatherly love "Thank you father". There is a heartwarming depth in this movie that you don't often see in Hollywood movies nowadays. That's why people fall in love with this character and the movie.

  • Kip Loretta

    Kip Loretta

     7 days ago

    Still a lame movie

  • LHummerrr


     14 days ago


  • Mark Lopez

    Mark Lopez

     14 days ago +2

    i need a sequel or else i gonna be pissed

  • CENネル


     14 days ago


  • hara9tube


     21 days ago

    I like ALITA

  • Greek Salad

    Greek Salad

     21 days ago

    So that was ALMOST the entire movie. ( ^ _ ^ )

  • Lady pilliwick

    Lady pilliwick

     21 days ago +1

    as long as woke Disney as any say there will never be a sequel.....

  • John Eduard Octaviano IV

    John Eduard Octaviano IV

     a months ago +10

    The love of Ido to Alita as his "daughter" is priceless or genuine.

  • Michael Mike

    Michael Mike

     a months ago

    Ευτυχώς που ζω σήμερα.

  • Mihaela Fratila

    Mihaela Fratila

     a months ago

    Now you know who you are.

  • traida111


     a months ago +1

    its a very good movie, buy the blueray too so they make a 2nd one

  • Denckler Podcast

    Denckler Podcast

     a months ago

    When they can generate perfect synthetic skin for the head, why don't they Cover the Rest of the Body with it?