OnePlus 7T vs 7 Pro - We Have A WINNER!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 26, 2019
  • The OnePlus 7T release date is here and after using it for a week we have a full comparison with the 7T vs 7 Pro. With a price of $599 this isn't your typical unboxing so lets go over things like the display, camera, specifications, performance and more to see if this is the best smartphone of 2019 so far.

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  • Youri Khan

    Youri Khan

     9 hours ago

    I despise notches and punch-holes and curved screens ... what a dilemma.

  • McBoi


     10 hours ago

    There is a new sale going on so I was wondering if I should get the pro (256gb) for $549 or get the t (126gb) for $599. Can someone pls help me decide? Please and thank you.

  • Yousuf Younes

    Yousuf Younes

     13 hours ago

    Nobody's talking about the UFS 3.0 IN THE 7T

  • Ge Q

    Ge Q

     21 hours ago

    I personally have OnePlus 5 and it working like new one after 2 years

  • Ge Q

    Ge Q

     21 hours ago

    I like 7T more, its not curve screen and cheeper but it dont have pop-up selfie camera, thats only down side

  • curt2g1998



    OnePlus' original full screen gestures that's on the 6T, regular 7 and the 7Pro is way better than the full screen gestures on the 7T. I use the sides of my screen for floating apps, so sliding from the sides to go back is a no go. I prefer the pop up camera and swiping up from the left/right bottom to go back and swipe up from the middle to go home and hold for recent apps, is the best gesture configuration on any device, for me. I was actually debating on whether or not to sell my 7 Pro and pick up a 7T, but nah, I'm good. The 7 Pro gets better battery life as well.

  • curt2g1998



    Both are 🔥🔥🔥 so 🤷🏿‍♂️ Depends on if you want a flat screen or don't mind the curve and prefer a no notch display.

  • Eagledriver 15

    Eagledriver 15


    The 7 pro is now $549 for Black cheaper than the 7t



     2 days ago +1

    Still using iPhone 5s 😭 a decade behind the world 🌎

  • CompStuff


     2 days ago

    Oneplus Is like a imitation of Motorola, trying to compete.... same circular design... lol.... 7Pro = 600USD, 7T=700USD... by now

  • Steea Arra

    Steea Arra

     3 days ago

    Don't have a oneplus phone but that swipe up to Home transition is ugly af lol 9:00

  • Andrew Gray

    Andrew Gray

     4 days ago

    Totally agree about the flat screen vs the curved screen. Curved screens are not a premium feature, they are just awful. Flat screens sell me completely on the OnePlus 7T. Kusos OnePlus 7T.

  • Bordo Bijeli

    Bordo Bijeli

     5 days ago

    What's the name of the icon pack on 7t?
    Good comparisons keep it up :)

  • RaVi Patel

    RaVi Patel

     6 days ago

    Please compare realme x2 pro and oneplus 7t. I don’t find detailed comparison anywhere.

  • Craig Hendry

    Craig Hendry

     6 days ago +1

    Once you've had a 7Pro with full screen,
    You'll never go back to a silly notch.

  • Everton


     7 days ago

    just got my silver 7t 256/8gb on ebay for 400 pounds

  • SiasTic


     7 days ago

    I choose oneplus 7 pro, here's why:
    1. The screen is much better, but the difference won't bother you if you're an average person (1440 7 Pro vs 1080 7T)
    2. the screen is slightly bigger and it does not have any waterdrop notch.
    3. bigger storage is available (In US 7t only have 128 GB)
    4. it is much more premium, the pop-up camera is a unique feature, and there's no big oreo camera in the back (I don't really mind the camera behind 7T)
    5. right now I can get the 7 pro for 620+$, with 8 GB Ram and 256 GB ROM.

    And here's why I would choose the 7T:
    1. I like the color of it much better than the nebula blue
    2. The camera is slightly better, I like the macro mode.. (But I can still shoot macro shots on the 7 pro but it'll be slightly worse than the 7T)
    3. Snapdragon 855+, and android 10 out of the box, which it'll be more updated in the future than the 7 pro (Not sure)
    4. Flat-screen (I don't really know if curve edge screen are good or bad because the reviews say it's prone to accidental touches and it makes the phone more fragile, but it does make it more feel premium)
    6. it have better camera features, like the night mode, macro mode, and wide angle

    5. and it's available in tmobile with the price of 599$

    I'm still having difficulty choosing which one should I get, please help me!
    PS: sorry for my bad English if it is.

  • CRAZEH247


     7 days ago

    You know, I'm fairly certain cyanogenmod, lineageOS or things like nova launcher or OxygenOS were able to do gesture controls for a very long time and correct me if I'm wrong but I feel like they've been there since before iPhone had it and yet every time I see someone talk about the gesture based navigation they mention "Just like iOS" and I'm like... come on now.

  • Sajan Panchal

    Sajan Panchal

     7 days ago

    There is one more difference. 7t comes in 128 GB storage whereas 7Pro has 256GB storage.

  • Mannil Barlizo

    Mannil Barlizo

     7 days ago

    Still have the 5t and still happy with it, might upgrade for the 8t though once it came out