Nebraska's Kelcey Fike case

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 2, 2019
  • A fire in the middle of the night. An alarm echoes from the flames as firefighters battle to save Kelcey Fike. It appears to be a tragic accident. Until out of the smoldering ashes rises a cold-blooded mystery. More:
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  • Purple Peggy

    Purple Peggy

     10 hours ago

    I am sickened by the comments.
    Did any of y'all ever consider that this family of Kelsey reads these. Is it not horrific enough to have to endure such a tragedy everyday,every hour,every minute til they themselves are reunited with her. Then to have so many people making petty comments about the reporter. Regardless of the training of reporting. The reporter is a human being with complex feelings of her own. Those questions were never meant to be "stupid" or "annoying" idk
    To the family of this wonderful young lady. I'm so very very sorry. I have a 23yr old daughter. So in that sense I understand. I hope you find some form of peace to help you live out your lives. Whomever did this
    it appears they were aware of her boyfriend being out of town frequently. It seems planned. Obviously someone that became fixated with her. Whomever did this. Will one way or another have to pay in the end. God bless you. I am so sorry. 🛐💔

  • chestypants78


     12 hours ago +1

    Why does the interviewer smile so much, listening to tragic stuff?

  • Throw communists out of helicopters

    Throw communists out of helicopters

     16 hours ago

    Yo, wtf is up with the interviewer?

  • lullabby hosny

    lullabby hosny

     16 hours ago

    His boyfriend gone???cant he just hide somewhere and cone back how many say they were not there and 🤨

  • Cynthia Charles

    Cynthia Charles

     18 hours ago

    The “reporter” narrator could not be more amateurish and obnoxious.

  • Angel of Light

    Angel of Light

     21 hours ago

    I tried tapping in psychically. I got a government seal. He works for the government or state, I think he is a cop or in csi, emts, fire fighter etc. He is heavy set, fat, glasses, dark receeding hair line, with sideburns, 30s.
    I kept getting images of teeth. Maybe he/she had a lot of dental work done or a dentist connection?? names Mike or possible Peter. I think Jamie Grahm knows more then she is saying. Quite emotionless in interviews.

  • gomphrena -beautiful flower-

    gomphrena -beautiful flower-

     23 hours ago

    Yikes. Without usable DNA and no witnesses, this is a tough one to solve. Let’s hope someone tells someone or lets it slip in a future conversation. Even then, proof to link will be hard. RIP sweet girl and may your parents’ find some semblance of comfort in time.

  • Amanda Barry

    Amanda Barry


    Omg the interviewer is such a cold hearted bitch some of the questions she's asking her poor parents >:(

  • Shady Lady

    Shady Lady


    Prayers for Kelsey’s loved ones , that their questions are answered and they be blessed with some peace in the knowledge they receive 🙏🏻🌹

  • Kristi S

    Kristi S


    Are we advanced enough yet to check cell tower closest to her home for any phone pings/ traffic during that time or does it have to be specific to a phone?

  • Kristi S

    Kristi S


    Can’t they go up and down the area looking at other surveillance cameras. Not that many people out at 4:30 am. I would look at any and every camera around that area tracking that sedan.. gas stations for sale of gasoline; cameras on city buses or private homes.

  • Jasmine Hanway

    Jasmine Hanway


    "Very attractive " being thrown around again

  • Michelle Banks

    Michelle Banks


    🤔 The dog didn’t bark, the dog didn’t die next to the owner, and the boyfriend was out of town? Idk, if the dog didn’t bark it’s probably because they knew the person. Killer had to been someone she knew. I’m sure she wouldn’t leave both doors unlocked smh R.I.P

  • Miss T

    Miss T

     2 days ago +1

    "goldfish tattoo" ?!?

    It's a KOI not a "goldfish".

  • Lucia Morgan

    Lucia Morgan

     2 days ago

    @Joe Kulik .. Sad but true : -(

  • Hannah White

    Hannah White

     3 days ago

    These guests on the show should have gotten a more sympathetic interviewer. Understandable she's been through this alot but she just gives no shits about being empathetic.

  • TapHax


     4 days ago

    Ligature - a thing used for tying or binding something tightly.
    "there was no sign of the ligature which strangled her"

  • Sonja Hill

    Sonja Hill

     4 days ago +2

    You've just been told that your daughter is dead... Interviewer "And how did you take that news?"  REALLY??!!!?

  • AyeJae Baby

    AyeJae Baby

     5 days ago

    People dont understand the point of being a reporter. You're not there to "assume" anything therefore you have to ask questions that seem dumb or have an obvious answer. You need their words. So stfu and give the reporter a break.

  • Judy Ludlum

    Judy Ludlum

     7 days ago +10

    The questions this interviewer is asking Kelsey’s mom are just stupid. “When do you miss her most?” “ Did it make you feel worse to know she was murdered?” How ridiculous!