Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers - Full Game 4 Highlights | May 20, 2019 NBA Playoffs

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 20, 2019
  • Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers - Full Game 4 Highlights | Western Conference Finals WCF | May 20, 2019 NBA Playoffs✔️ Subscribe, Like & Comment for More! ✔️---------🔎 Follow our Instagram:🔎 Follow our Twitter:
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  • dunkperfection

     27 days ago

    Imagine blowing a 17+ point lead in 3 straight games, what a joke

  • DakaONER94

     9 days ago

    All in the 3rd quarter

  • Bert Garcia

     18 days ago

    raptors still win the finals

  • Kent Yuen

     27 days ago

    Lillard: It is Lillard time.Curry: Nope, is summer time for you bro.

  • Honestly Smd's Durag

     8 days ago

    Summer Time for curry now 😂😂😂

  • DawsVibes

     19 days ago

    I can't wait until someone gets to tell Curry that. He won't be in the finals forever...

  • Taboka Otsile

     27 days ago

    This is low key Steph’s best playoff series ever

  • elias Jokes :D

     21 days ago

    Taboka Otsile I don’t agree sorry

  • Demark Taylor

     23 days ago

    @J Jackson I'm no fan of Warriors but how can you sit there and say Steph gets no respect because someone else join the team? Team been great without KD, hum being there makes no difference.

  • Kriss Kross

     27 days ago

    PG13 be like:the Warriors took some bad shots

  • thkalas

     26 days ago

    Lillard screwed up big time over and over again in these series. He wanted to be MJ and fucked up.

  • Doni Evan's

     26 days ago

    Michael LaRose Portland would have lost if he wasn't hurt tho

  • Eddylunchmeat

     27 days ago

    That's gotta demoralize a team. Imagine telling the blazer they would face the warriors without KD and have at least a 15 point lead in 3 games and still loose in 4.

  • David Clark

     26 days ago

    Eddylunchmeat Forgot to tell them they'd get there without Nurkic.

  • Jennifer Marie

     26 days ago

    it shows that the warriors don't need kd

  • Gelmar De Guzman

     27 days ago

    Im sure NBA final match up will be: - Ximo Pierto - House of HighlightsWho will win?

  • Ronald Ronald

     25 days ago

    And we are the real winners. Thanks guys for the uploads so we fans can enjoy

  • abelicious A.

     26 days ago


  • Squidward Tentacles

     27 days ago

    This just proves the warriors are the best team 78 to 95 and they won😂Edit:Thanks for all the likes I never get even 1!

  • Marvin prince

     26 days ago

    i completley forgot in that final dame 3. that portland got swept. jezus portland

  • LeBron James

     27 days ago

    Russ ran out his house screaming: THANK YOU CURRY!

  • Zenith The Finesser

     25 days ago

    LOL u funny bruh!

  • pinapple express

     26 days ago

    @lassseerrr yah russ does not like any team besides his. he does not even care enough to hate thrm

  • Truth Will Set You Free! 777

     27 days ago

    And still won without Iggy, KD, and Cousins on the court in overtime!

  • Prama Yulio

     25 days ago

    of course they did 73-9 without KD

  • hazeddon

     27 days ago

    Sucks that they got swept, but good shit portland, y'all had a great season.

  • Gobble My Nobble

     22 days ago

    @T Cashes That's why yo daddy went to pick up free rice and never come back. Good luck eating dried ramen noodles boy. I'll send you some water for your village as well unless you really that ungrateful