GRETA (2019) Ending Explained

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 13, 2019
  • #greta #endingexplained

    In the suspense thriller GRETA, a young woman (Chloe Grace Moretz) finds a purse on a subway and makes friends with its owner. But she comes to learn that Greta is not at all what she appears, as she turns obsessive and violent.

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  • Jordan Harris

     (Mar 13, 2019)

    This movie taught me to not be a good person.

  • 三好市Red

     (1 day ago)

    I like this movie for the fact that her best friend's smarter than her & she's the reason the protagonist escapes in the end. Its very rare to see that in a movie. Other than that ending its a very ordinary thriller film.

  • Monty2289

     (May 7, 2019)

    That's the default attitude in NY fam. Also I'm blown away that Frances just never fought this lady. She'd be getting them Hit Girl hands

  • Intactbjörn

     (Mar 14, 2019)

    Seeing what Erika did made me wonder: What if another psychopath picked up the handbag? Like, does the opposite of what Greta does and intentionally seeks out missing wallets/bags/etc so they can return them as the "good samaritan" to get into some person's life before going all psycho on them.Now, imagine a horror comedy where this happens, and the whole plot relegates down to each of them trying to "out-psycho" the other, each one doing something more insane/murderous/ridiculous...

  • 三好市Red

     (1 day ago)

    I like this movie for the fact that her best friend's smarter her & she's the reason the protagonist escapes in the end. Its very rare to see that in a movie. Other than that its a very ordinary thriller film.

  • Gamer 4 life

     (May 15, 2019)

    thats weird i had the same idea when Erika did this too.

  • summer clearance

     (Mar 13, 2019)

    "she just moved to NYC from Boston and is perhaps a bit naive to the environment of a big city" ...........That shade was LEGENDARY dahling

  • Gabrielle Hoyte

     (4 days ago)

    As a Bostonian, I can confirm New York is overwhelming. My siblings live in Brooklyn and anytime I go see them, I get overwhelmed. It's insane. Me and my best friend found this little kid's backpack on the bus home once so I hand delivered it to the kid's school that evening. I would NEVER try and do something like that in New York tho. No fucking way

  • kimbab gig

     (May 16, 2019)

    brush your teeth and go to bed early...

  • BHOU 0_0

     (Mar 13, 2019)

    More like re-Greta am I right... ok I’ll leave

  • agent 47 idk

     (Apr 25, 2019)


  • Noob PTFO

     (Apr 1, 2019)

    I just realized this is the episode from spongebob in which Gary runs away and lives with an old cat lady.

  • less than normal

     (6 days ago)

    Oh shit and she have a huge collection of snail shells😂😂😂

  • SuperHurra

     (Apr 4, 2019)

    Also the online horror comic K*** S***.

  • Aaron

     (Mar 13, 2019)

    That's why I always say "if the bad guy's on the floor, you stomp on their neck until they're breathing no more."

  • The m1K3

     (2 days ago)

    +Evelyn Rivera Garcia your welcone

  • Evelyn Rivera Garcia

     (3 days ago)

    +Christopher Lowery yep, you're right XD thanks for correcting me

  • Paris Collins

     (Mar 14, 2019)

    Greta needs to go on a date with the guy from Don't Breathe. I'm sure they would have a great time with each other.

  • Faith Gannon

     (3 days ago)

    XD yes there perfect for each other

  • Darth_Melek

     (Mar 23, 2019)

    Yes, a bag, in the subways, surely not a potential bomb right?

  • Connor Claar

     (2 days ago)

    I was laughing but then your comment made me sad lol

  • Patrick G

     (Apr 24, 2019)

    This gets referenced in the movie

  • MisAce2500

     (Mar 13, 2019)

    Here's a pitch for an ideaOn April 1st FoundFlix should do a kill count and Dead meat should do an ENDINGS EXPLAINED Completely throw us off

  • Alexander Fauntleroy

     (Mar 14, 2019)

    I hate horror movies. “The window is locked” BREAK ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT OMGGGGG

  • Take A hiko

     (May 6, 2019)

    Aaaaand the fear if what if she got caught and die

  • Take A hiko

     (May 6, 2019)

    And she was drugged so how could she have the strength