Shayne Faces His Worst Fear

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 10, 2019
  • We made Shayne come face to face his worst fear— Pediophobia: the fear of dolls.

    Would you survive three minutes in this room?

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  • Noel Germano

    Noel Germano

     20 hours ago

    The mask moves in 9:25

  • joan War Club

    joan War Club


    I have autonomophobia

  • Rand Binchi

    Rand Binchi


    4:32 ME : Is Courtney in there

  • Rand Binchi

    Rand Binchi


    Shayne low key turned into if cfm was playing fnaf

  • gabbyl._diaz


     2 days ago +1

    This was the funniest thing ever😂

  • Rachel Eldridge

    Rachel Eldridge

     2 days ago

    Damien with the baby on his shoulders tho 👀👀

  • MaxTheM8MCookie


     2 days ago

    Shayne looks like he's wearing a bra

  • I’m a ClOwN

    I’m a ClOwN

     2 days ago

    6:44 wait he sounded like Matpat lol

  • glitterbowivy roblox

    glitterbowivy roblox

     2 days ago

    threatens to attack them attacks shane AAH I'M NOT A FIGHTER

  • Trisha Lennex

    Trisha Lennex

     2 days ago

    This was probably a Halloween thing but I stil want them to keep doing this, especially to Damien and Ian

  • GamesAreFunToPlay


     2 days ago

    I wonder if he’s seen Toy Story 4

  • Rukaiya Patel

    Rukaiya Patel

     2 days ago

    I now know I have pediophobia

  • Beanie Boi

    Beanie Boi

     2 days ago +1

    9:25 to the left of Shayne the head moved

  • DanMKM Gaming

    DanMKM Gaming

     2 days ago

    pleas help

  • DanMKM Gaming

    DanMKM Gaming

     2 days ago +1

    i em scared of clowns

  • RainbowPee AnnMarie

    RainbowPee AnnMarie

     2 days ago

    It's ok, Shane. Dolls are creepy AF.

  • Jose Flores

    Jose Flores

     3 days ago

    Imagine one of the dolls do come alive and try to kill him

  • yasin musicprocustion

    yasin musicprocustion

     3 days ago

    At 9:23 over it a little the doll moves his

  • Johanna Thufvesson

    Johanna Thufvesson

     3 days ago

    Go to 9.25 and tell me that doll dident move its head... Plz😭😱😳😰

  • • Leila •

    • Leila •

     3 days ago +1

    Look at the “mime” on the left, is it a person or is it fake bc they were pretty still for most of the time😬