The Day I Got Arrested

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 29, 2017
  • Yup I got arrested once. When you have stupid friends you are most certain to come across stupid situations. Here's my story :|Come chat in Discord ► Today! ► twitter ► ► ► SomethingelseYTsnapchat ►adamortizSongs used: glu70- Reach your destinationFunny Scene - Creative Station
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  • Nils Hughes

    Nils Hughes

     2 months ago +1000

    That cop was so racist
    Just because someone is a literal demon doesn’t mean their evil

  • Trevyn Osborne

    Trevyn Osborne

     2 months ago +224

    Adam: I LIKE HER
    Shoe: I LIKE HER
    Adam: I LIKE HER
    Shoe: I LIKE HER
    Adam:@$!% YOU
    Shoe: ...

  • Kai kai 23

    Kai kai 23

     2 months ago +653

    Shoe: I LiKe HeR
    You: No I likE hEr
    Out of no where..... FuCk YoU.....
    Odd silence.

  • C Good

    C Good

     2 months ago +595

    Does lightning mcqueen have life insurance or car insurance?
    P.S. I didn't come up with this.

  • TimTom


     2 years ago +16408

    TimTom sent me.

  • Weekends Foreva

    Weekends Foreva

     2 months ago +430

    Its sad that race is the main factor of our fate even when we did nothing.
    Woah I didn’t think I would have 55 likes thank you so much wow 😮
    Okay HOW?! sorry I’m checking back every now and then and I’m seeing a huge gain in likes! Woah! Thanks guys! 😂😭

  • Killer_ Ricky

    Killer_ Ricky

     2 months ago +153

    I keep laughing when the brother says"buttheas"

  • Sir Skutty

    Sir Skutty

     2 months ago +127

    It’s because he has devil horns, isn’t it, Mr Copper?

  • Namjoon’s Crab

    Namjoon’s Crab

     2 months ago +136

    Lmaoooo “shoe” and “Bob”? THIS.IS.QUALITY.CONTENT!! 😂 👏

  • Bentastic777


     6 months ago +2761

    69 means:
    A number after 68 before 70

  • Brady Yeet

    Brady Yeet

     2 months ago +187

    Did y’all see the face she made after she said “ hi I like you”

  • Alicia Franco

    Alicia Franco

     2 months ago +366

    Me: it all happened when I was born
    Awkward silence

  • Anna McKinlay

    Anna McKinlay

     2 months ago +43

    Heres a way to stop the cops from talking to you: Act like your on your phone, (even if it's off it doesn't matter) they won't come up to you, or try talk to you. Because it's rude!

  • Epic Lord

    Epic Lord

     2 months ago +64

    Police uses a lie detector
    Adam was right
    Shoo was wrong
    Adam: see
    Shoo gets arrested in kid jail for lying and spray painting
    Adam gets rewarded because he be a very lil’ good boi

  • Ryanimations


     2 years ago +13297

    Sounds like you and shoe... Got off on the wrong foot

  • Jmlittledude Official

    Jmlittledude Official

     2 months ago +69

    Stranger: Say the first name that you think of.
    Me: Shoe
    Stranger: ...

  • Merp


     1 months ago +36

    Me:*sees I didnt do well on my report card*
    inhales deeply

  • the only thing I watch on youtube is animation

    the only thing I watch on youtube is animation

     2 months ago +76

    Fun fact!!! Spray paint isn’t deadly!!! But it is!! A drug!!!
    You can get high from spray paint no I’m not joking lmao that’s why they keep spray paint in a locked cabinet at michael’s

  • Kara Kastaway

    Kara Kastaway

     2 months ago +34

    Him: Anything before high school doesn't count

  • Bigwheeze92


     a years ago +612

    Leave evidence