I'm not mad, just disappointed... - Galaxy S10/S10+ Review

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 27, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/SDxpYK49Bqo


  • The BOGS Life

    The BOGS Life

     3 months ago +3244

    I’d rather go with the punchhole display than the jackless phone.

  • Jival Singh

    Jival Singh

     2 months ago +1422

    This is the only negative review I've seen for this phone

  • gdfanboy2015


     1 months ago +428

    I'd rather stick with the Infinity display and a headphone jack

  • Bill clawsby

    Bill clawsby

     3 months ago +315

    He didn't change the camera to 4k he left it at standard

  • P1SkrtSkrt


     2 months ago +501

    So y’all just gonna ignore the image at 7:26? Ight, I see how it is.

  • Thirdy Mendiola

    Thirdy Mendiola

     3 months ago +600

    I think Linus has the most critical review of the S10 out of all the reviews I've watched

  • QUID


     2 months ago +352

    I legitimately don't care about the punch hole. It's so smallll

  • Zycorax


     6 days ago +16

    He protecc.
    He attacc.
    But most importantly, he got a HEADPHONE JACC.

  • The Man From Volantis

    The Man From Volantis

     3 months ago +47

    Q: Hey my battery is low, can i pinch some of yours please?
    1) Hell no. I'm only on 16% myself.
    2) Sorry i don't have an S10

  • maldita peppas

    maldita peppas

     4 months ago +2171

    this dude is sliding his fingers and then saying it doesnt work wtf lmao just tap it go to settings and enhance it smh im not mad
    just disappointed

  • Mario EdBright

    Mario EdBright

     1 months ago +62

    If you dont like the punch hole or pill w.e. just go to settings, display, full screen apps, and disable it and there you go, you can now watch videos or w.e you want without having to look at the hole. It doesnt bother me at all. I love my s10+.

  • June bloops

    June bloops

     2 months ago +137

    “And on the bottom, oh, a headphone jack. That’s a welcomed sight. Oh, so it turns out you can get IP 68 resistance with it. It’s just more work. How bout that?”
    THE SHADE IS REAL 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭
    I’m so dead 😭

  • Z15TEEN


     15 hours ago

    How about ditching front camera altogether for some models. Millions of people just don't need it.

  • Richard Hernandez

    Richard Hernandez

     14 days ago +47

    • headphone jack
    • external storage
    • a great selfie camera
    how hard is it to get this in a phone lol

  • Bryan M

    Bryan M

     4 months ago +1651

    I honestly don't understand the drive to completely remove the top bezel. I would gladly lose 3mm of display to have plenty of space for optical sensors, speakers, cameras, and notification lights.



     3 months ago +139

    I have the 1tb s10 plus, I literally haven't had a single complaint... you're picky linus.... I like it

  • Fola Bakare

    Fola Bakare

     2 months ago +58

    All of your complaints would be solved if you went for the 10 instead of the plus

  • Mustafa Lafta

    Mustafa Lafta

     3 days ago +1

    7:42 i saw that stop it there you going blind !!!

  • nab siah

    nab siah

     3 months ago +194

    He is always disapointed in every product.

  • Robbodude6


     4 months ago +2134

    "what the heck is this?"
    It's your face. That's your face Linus. It takes photos it doesn't do miracles