The Miracle of Godzilla Birth

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 2, 2019
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  • CollegeHumor


     6 months ago +60

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  • casey fay

    casey fay

     6 months ago +385

    Really. Going to cut the episode in the middle of a question answering.

  • Senza Misura

    Senza Misura

     6 months ago +97

    lol Nathan sitting there like "I literally do this exact thing for nearly every episode of Drawfee" for the shiny question

  • Jared Begg

    Jared Begg

     6 months ago +371

    what?? cutting out mid-question!!!
    not cool!

  • Tyler Stokes

    Tyler Stokes

     6 months ago +461

    Seriously? You cannot cut it off before showing the final point!!!

  • Nirate Goel

    Nirate Goel

     6 months ago +135

    Now that cut was just mean!

  • Mediocre And Worse

    Mediocre And Worse

     6 months ago +264

    Um, actually: Godzilla adopts underprivileged children.

  • Ethan Koenig

    Ethan Koenig

     6 months ago +88

    all the slightly off memorabilia in the background is a very nice touch

  • Aaron Kahan

    Aaron Kahan

     6 months ago +118

    Can we get Michael Swaim and Soren Bowie up in this?

  • Vix


     6 months ago +25

    someone in a drawfee comments section cited this as evidence that nathan is a real human being but im not sure i really believe

  • Gouravager


     6 months ago +40

    Trapp, you're too nice as a host. Game show hosts are ruthless

  • sagar nalawade

    sagar nalawade

     6 months ago +18

    7:41 wrong place for that sound effect

  • Rognik


     6 months ago +27

    You didn't have Louie down as one of the characters? Louie was in far more episodes than Shere Khan was! He ran that island bar!

  • Rowen Woods

    Rowen Woods

     6 months ago +48

    Cutting mid-question? This is a no-no.

  • MigwalaKoala


     6 months ago +47


  • Frederick Holt

    Frederick Holt

     6 months ago +30

    "Your monster is the Kappa" Bruh just draw the face lmaooo

  • Everyday Trash

    Everyday Trash

     6 months ago +80

    I’m a wise man, I see Godzilla on the title, I click

  • Rebecca Houston

    Rebecca Houston

     6 months ago +36

    There are times when I hear "Ned Stark" and I think "Ned Flanders". It occasionally makes for very weird situations lol

  • RustyRaygun


     6 months ago +20

    Uhm actually Godzooky was made up for the Hanna-Barbera cartoon, he was never in the movies...

  • WalterWhite


     6 months ago +28

    Why would you cut mid question??