These Weed Names Are NOT Chill

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 16, 2019
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  • CollegeHumor


     4 months ago +948

    Download the INTERNATIONAL app here:

  • Lauryn H

    Lauryn H

     4 months ago +1885

    Disappointed the video isn't 4 minutes and 20 seconds long

  • Tyler Paulson

    Tyler Paulson

     4 months ago +3214

    I like how a few of them are real strains. Chernobyl is dope.

  • Hippienolic 2

    Hippienolic 2

     4 months ago +719

    I thought this was going to be a video about wacky names for babies born on 4/20

  • Jiggly Carollo

    Jiggly Carollo

     4 months ago +682

    "The Denver Nuggets"
    "Is That Mellow?"
    "No, he got traded."

  • James LunarNe

    James LunarNe

     4 months ago +552

    “uh oh, everyone can hear your thoughts” is what my ocd has been smoking since i was 12

  • WhiskeyBrewer


     4 months ago +571

    In revenge Katie burns the weed. Causing each member of the cast to go through one of the effects ;)
    Ill take my payment for that sketch in free dropout for life please lol

  • oBringMeTheDiscoCake


     4 months ago +544

    the WAP BA BO BEE BOP cannabis really got me I slapped my thigh gj

  • No Evolution

    No Evolution

     4 months ago +242

    They finally made a kattie cocaine reference 😂

  • A. Latiwala

    A. Latiwala

     4 months ago +258

    I have a feeling that Grant O'Brian might be a real strain.

  • Santino Alvarado

    Santino Alvarado

     4 months ago +129

    The chainsaw sound one was hilarious, but Raf's reaction was even better!

  • Raena-Willow Deveruoix

    Raena-Willow Deveruoix

     4 months ago +227

    I would never do cocaine without Katie ;)

  • Kazra pearcy

    Kazra pearcy

     4 months ago +136

    A WAP BOP A LOO BOP A BOOM BAM cannabis~

  • Nicktrains 22

    Nicktrains 22

     4 months ago +123

    this would be a legitimate way to reduce the amount of weed consumed

  • Kieran Reniag

    Kieran Reniag

     4 months ago +168

    I think Raph is my favorite writer. I love almost everything he does.

  • Marley


     4 months ago +75

    Okay but i would watch the shit out of ‘Star Trek into the dankness’

  • HeartBreak Bonez

    HeartBreak Bonez

     4 months ago +48

    I kinda wanna try that "based on the novel Kush"

  • Raphael Romero

    Raphael Romero

     2 months ago +21

    -Of course, I have motor revving
    -How did you do that?
    Got me so baddddd 😂

  • Panties


     4 months ago +97

    Is Grant the next Katie but with weed?

  • Derek La

    Derek La

     1 months ago +13

    “Your not supposed to smoke the New York Times”
    “That’s been getting me high af”