twenty one pilots - Heathens (Beyond the Video)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 25, 2016
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the making of twenty one pilots' music video for "Heathens" from 'Suicide Squad: The Album' - Available now on iTunes:

    Watch the Official Music Video at:

    Blurryface available now on Fueled By Ramen:

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    shot and edited by Reel Bear Media (

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  • cheekyoziechick

     (Apr 4, 2018)

    That salty look Tyler gives Josh... Love the film clip and song.

  • dulcet_lemøn

     (Nov 19, 2018)

    cheekyoziechick 😂

  • Sonia Marielle Reyes

     (Nov 8, 2016)

    Josh is me as a friend.Friend: "Hey, so, I'm staying in LA for a bit... do you know any place where I can stay?"Me: ....Friend: (please invite me)Me: I know some good hotelsFriend: -_-Me: •_•

  • Hotdoggie 087

     (Nov 20, 2017)


  • minvids

     (Dec 23, 2016)

    you know you're a true fan when you can tell tyler is joking even when he sounds serious

  • Zeta

     (Feb 10, 2019)

    How did y’all know it was a joke?

  • Power Chordd

     (Sep 21, 2018)

    my best friend that just became obsessed with them like a week ago keeps saying that tyler shaded josh and she's triggered (you can tell she's being serious) but i keep having to tell her he was joking lol

  • Bella Gutierrez

     (Nov 15, 2016)

    JosH: The prison guys freaking love our bandMe: Well, I guess I'm a prison guy

  • The Izzy B

     (Jan 28, 2019)

    So am I then

  • jesminda edwards

     (Jan 16, 2019)

    I mean they got to listen to their music free!!

  • Aaquatical

     (Oct 29, 2016)

    why when Tyler talks with his normal voice it sounds like he's about to cry

  • Deeva Thomas

     (Jan 16, 2019)

    Aaquatical I love it

  • Ryan Prenter

     (Jul 10, 2018)

    Aaquatical because they shot at 6:30 and he woke up at 5:30 so he is tired

  • GreasyBaconHD

     (Oct 24, 2016)

    "I Could Have Cold Cocked one Of them in The Face....That Means Punch"-Tyler

  • Albus Dumbledore

     (Sep 9, 2018)

    Why did u Type It Like This its not a fall out boy song title

  • the mythic gamer

     (May 28, 2018)


  • My Chemical Twenty One Pilots Tt The Disco

     (Jan 24, 2017)

    1:37 Josh says he needs fake tattoos to blend in... Has a whole arm covered in tattoos...

  • Magnølia Magenta

     (Apr 22, 2018)

    My Chemical Twenty One Pilots Tt The Disco lol

  • Vaishnavi Singh

     (Dec 16, 2016)

    The person you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger yo xD

  • I_like_music

     (Sep 30, 2018)

    Looks like your taking a bullet for them in one way or the other

  • Ash Tree Yggdrasil, The World Tree

     (Jun 6, 2018)


  • Brendon Urie

     (Jun 26, 2016)

    Tyler's mix of sad and mad in his eyes when he sees Josh is priceless.

  • Stori Silvia

     (Jan 12, 2019)

    Brendon Urie hey i know you. aren't you that guy from my chemical romance?

  • oops.kayla

     (Sep 23, 2017)

    Tyler: I’m gonna pretend like I’m not bothered by it at all today Me: I’M gOnNa PrEtEnD LiKe I’m NoT BoThErEd By It At All ToDaY *stares at josh while he walks by looking all mad and sad* Gooodddd I love them 😂💖

  • Keiana Smith

     (Jul 20, 2018)

    oops.kayla yeah that was my favorite part actually 🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅