How Fake Psychics Fool Their Victims | Adam Ruins Everything

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 8, 2017
  • The only thing mediums are in touch with are the cognitive blind spots of their victims.

    Adam Ruins Everything - Adam Conover, CollegeHumor's resident know-it-all and major bummer, takes on society's biggest misconceptions.

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  • egale begale

    egale begale

     7 hours ago

    I thought it said Adam ruins physics

  • Kate


     2 days ago

    I totally agree that there are a lot of fake psychics, but they're not all fake. It is a genuine ability that some people have, and this clip just makes it look like all psychics are phonies.

  • Robert Scalchi

    Robert Scalchi

     2 days ago

    LMAO The psychic sounds like a cross between Theresa the LI medium, and Disheveled John Travolta from Look Who's Talking... Could be lunch meat... Could be peaches... Who knows? Lol

  • garfthefunlord gaming

    garfthefunlord gaming

     4 days ago

    before watching i read the title as "Adam ruins Physics"

  • Stefano Al Muktash

    Stefano Al Muktash

     14 days ago

    Adam ruins physics
    turns gravity upside down

  • Sahil Agasi

    Sahil Agasi

     21 days ago

    Clod reading. is that what the used in now you see me 1,2 right...?

  • Nicolas Clark

    Nicolas Clark

     a months ago

    Fun fact: Harry Houdini spent a good portion of his later life debunking mediums, psychics, etc. And, if I remember correctly, he told people he was close with there would be a "password" for them to know he was actually being contacted from beyond the grave after he died.

  • Nightmare


     a months ago

    Houdini debunked a lot of psychics

  • Raja Sundar

    Raja Sundar

     a months ago

    Atheist community! You know the hate comments of this video are totally ones we need to reply!Begin!

  • Blue 1337

    Blue 1337

     a months ago

    they use spyware now too...

  • Filip Von Filbert

    Filip Von Filbert

     a months ago

    ”That’s right the higher the hair the closer to heaven.”

  • Kathleen M. Higgins

    Kathleen M. Higgins

     a months ago

    There's an exception to every rule and to every exception - a rule. Genuine psychics do exist but it's best to be a healthy skeptic with and open mind.

  • Sunita Sharma

    Sunita Sharma

     a months ago +4

    Lol I just read "Adam ruins Physics"
    Me: That's Amazing
    After reading: My eyesight sucks.

  • Lil Skatty Boy

    Lil Skatty Boy

     a months ago

    thought he was buying her for something else

  • The Psychic Examiners

    The Psychic Examiners

     a months ago

    Okay, guys... and gals... don’t assume all of us are like what you’re portraying. A few bad ones doesn’t mean all of us are that way. I’m a psychic from Ghost 411 podcast, btw, and I just did a reading on the Fox sisters... there’s more to their story than what you’re indicating. What does that mean? It means that by only giving out part of the story makes you just as bad as the psychic scammers.

  • Cyris Ikahihifo-Manuel

    Cyris Ikahihifo-Manuel

     a months ago

    5:38 the snappening

  • Gaming with Sloth

    Gaming with Sloth

     a months ago +1

    He smart

  • Polarbog


     2 months ago +1

    The title implies that some aren’t fake. Is there something your not telling us, Adam? Hmmmm???

  • Knarf Nil

    Knarf Nil

     2 months ago

    Anyone with fake fingernails cannot be taken seriously, much less one on a charlatan.

  • AgentNolies


     2 months ago

    Or maybe people just like bullshitting themselves