How politicians troll the media

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 5, 2018
  • Politicians are trolling the media to advance their own agendas.Subscribe to our channel! Rep. Devin Nunes’ (R-CA) secret memo, allegations of missing text messages, and the panic over a so-called “secret society” in the FBI, the past few weeks of political news coverage have been dominated by Republican pseudoscandals. And while each of these alleged “bombshells” has turned out to be a dud, these stories raise questions about whether GOP politicians are intentionally baiting journalists -- trolling them into covering conspiracy theories in order to raise doubts about the FBI and the ongoing Mueller investigation. Read why the Nunes memo was a dud on how the media fell for it anyway: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out our full video catalog: Vox on Facebook: Twitter:
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  • Frdyan


     a years ago +818

    So it sounds like the fix to this would be to have a news cycle that focuses on actual stories instead of huddling around drama like a bunch of highschoolers.

  • James Burgess

    James Burgess

     a years ago +660

    It's like the media never heard of "The boy who cried wolf". Half of these politicians who are supporting these fake stories have already been exposed as liars.
    But because they're congressmen, "well, we gotta give attention to their assertions, because of politics blah importance blah blah."

  • Grimm GooseGirl

    Grimm GooseGirl

     a years ago +595

    This is also called "argument inoculation" in social psychology. You introduce an idea to a group, you give them a simple defense of the idea and then they are more resistant to new/conflicting information about the idea even if the idea is clearly false.

  • Science with Katie

    Science with Katie

     a years ago +1035

    The inclusion of Charlie Brown in this video made it 100 times better, loved it! 😊💛

  • Archive


     a years ago +193

    gosh, please don't put high pitch noise in your video.

  • Fauler Perfektionist

    Fauler Perfektionist

     a years ago +75

    "What comes to mind when you hear the word 'troll?'"
    An unsightly creature of legend living under a bridge in the countryside. Naturally.

  • TC Does Stuff

    TC Does Stuff

     a years ago +846

    There is this saying where I live:「人不要臉,天下無敵。」, translated to English is roughly: "A shameless man in invincible".
    Yeah, I felt those vibes in this vid.

  • Matthew Montgomery

    Matthew Montgomery

     a years ago +452

    Hillary's e-mails are another prime example of trolling the media that had devastating consequences. Remember that whole "New Hillary e-mails on Huma's server, required reopening the FBI case" that turned out to be nothing after all but credibly cost her the election.

  • Kaleb Burris

    Kaleb Burris

     a years ago +277

    It's because the media are gullible and greedy.

  • BlueЯose


     a years ago +36

    am i the only one to hear a rising ring noise at 0:27

  • Clay says hey

    Clay says hey

     a years ago +16

    The biggest troll is trump himself.

  • Swarrly


     a years ago +16

    The simple fix would be to hold legislators legally responsible for lying to the american people. If it was a felony to knowingly give false information to news outlets as an elected official I think a bunch of them would be a lot more careful about what sort of conspiracy theories they peddle.

  • Prabhodya Singh

    Prabhodya Singh

     a years ago +133

    Same things has been happening in India , just replace 'conspiracy' with random outrage from the fringe groups and propaganda of our 'Supreme Leader' being shoved down our throat.

  • Yashi


     a years ago +17

    ...also known as "Italian elections for dummies "

  • Ionizationism_is_a_thing 05

    Ionizationism_is_a_thing 05

     a years ago +85

    What do I imagine when I hear the word troll?
    It's what grade you get if you fail a test in Harry Potter

  • Subarashii Ningen

    Subarashii Ningen

     a years ago +10

    I usually critisize too much humour in doc-news, but this guys is funny and informative LMFAO!

  • moist


     a years ago +19

    Was that shrill ringing on purpose?

  • Solino_Oruki


     a years ago +12

    Carlos Maza's show is the best one on Vox! Thumbs up!

  • Stevie


     a years ago +155

    People are overusing the term "troll" to the point that they think it's a form of online street cred. What politicians are doing is lying and misleading the public, which has been happening centuries before current internet terminology. Call it what it really is...bullshitting. No need to sugarcoat things.

  • Dominik Lynton

    Dominik Lynton

     a years ago +11

    Thanks for the tinnitus @ 00:22