Everything Wrong With Avengers: Endgame In Time Travel Minutes Or Less

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 28, 2019
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    We have been asked by a few people to sin this little indie film from the summer called Avengers: Endgame. And we had nothing else going on today, so we decided to cave to fan request for once. This movie was a crowd pleaser and currently stands as the highest grossing movie of all time. But it has plenty of sins, so buckle up, kids, let's go for a ride.

    Next week: I don't remember. Some sins. Two videos. Something something.

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  • Eykonic YT

    Eykonic YT

     37 minutes ago

    Why didn’t you sin that they could have used the sponge to locally reverse the damage of the snap on Tony

  • Eykonic YT

    Eykonic YT

     an hour ago

    This’ll be fun

  • Jam Lee

    Jam Lee

     3 hours ago

    The problem with this time travelling is that everyone is existing multiple times in other timelines, thus making them not important as individuals anymore since they could just be replaced from the other timeline's self.

  • Jam Lee

    Jam Lee

     3 hours ago +1

    The funny thing is they fuck up everything for the heros in the alternative timelines, literally lmao

  • Summer Tyme

    Summer Tyme

     6 hours ago

    George RR Martin - brilliant author of Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones) is a huge fan of Endgame. As is Jim Starlin - the original creator of Thanos and Infinity Gauntlet Saga.

    But CinemaSinner’s are more akin to Dan and Dave, notorious show runners for GOT. They are hacks with no understanding of thematics, or character development, or plot logic. So they did what hacks do.... give in to fan service. So...

    Arya kills the Night King - Bran becomes Emperor, Sansa becomes Queen.

    Worst of all...Jon Snow resurrected from the dead - becomes king north of the (now pointless) wall. (Despite assassinating the queen - which no one could do for 6 seasons as she was protected by Dragons and fanatically loyal worshipper - shock troops but .... never mind. 🙄

    All the logic of GRRM’s story was abandoned to create a phony happy ending for the Stark family. This is exactly what you would have done with EndGame based on your whingings. 😂

  • Summer Tyme

    Summer Tyme

     6 hours ago

    The biggest single sin that destroys dozens of CinemaSins subscribers posts - is - the inability to view films from a critical distance. This means understanding the characters points of view, and how that determines their actions. There are lots of excuses for this failure - but it’s just bad criticism. It’s how small children read fairy tales. They think Bambi Is stupid, because the stupid deer hunter kills her stupid mom. 😂 Only difference between many of you and kids are

    A) Kids grow up. They come to understand that the story makes sense because killing deer is what hunters do, and the film is really about kids having to watch their parents die, but then grow up and carry on despite loss - which most kids will have to do.

    B) But CinemaSins is filled with arrested adolescents - their perspectives are still childish, they just use lots of cuss word now that they are older. 😂

  • GenesisGODZ


     7 hours ago +1

    104 sins three hour movie good work marvel

  • HelpfulVader99


     7 hours ago +1

    18:17, how about the fact that Strange, and apparently the other sorcerers can create inter galactic portals now. Despite Infinity War showing Strange not even once trying to use his portals to return himself, Tony and Peter to Earth. Sure I guess his use of the Time Stone to see the future allows him more accuracy in knowing where exactly to teleport to. And then he could have relayed this knowledge to the others so they’d know too were to coordinate their portals.

  • Audrey Huang

    Audrey Huang

     9 hours ago +1

    If you look carefully into the female super hero power shot, you can clearly see Peter Parker, who's identified as male, standing and looking super lost next to Scarlet Witch. Nice of them to include him in this female-driven scene.

    But if you look later, in 20:46, he's gone.
    RIP Spiderman

  • LieutenantWaldron


     10 hours ago

    ...What about Captain Marvel probably being durable and experienced enough with wielding powers to use the Gauntlet but greatly risking getting it taken instead and the time it took Tony to die and his ability to talk while dying significantly evidencing this? ...Or, the eye-roll-inducing amount and types of bad luck the Avengers keep stumbling over making you feel like you're watching an episode of DuckTales that's centered on Donald Duck?

  • Jaime Sousa

    Jaime Sousa

     11 hours ago


  • rameek drahcir

    rameek drahcir

     15 hours ago

    Anti-monitor vs Thanos and Avengers vs Justice League that would be sick

  • Summer Tyme

    Summer Tyme

     16 hours ago

    Dr. Strange's fans are better served by focusing on the brilliance of the actual strategy that he used rather than second guessing and so missing the play. Dr. Strange vs. Dr. Obvious.

    1) He allowed Peter Quill to call Thanos out for killing Gamora. He knew that the Gauntlet responded to Thanos - therefore you needed to break his will. People keep blaming Quill - but without Quill (Where's Gamora, tell me you didn't do it! - I had to!) Avengers lose.

    2) He allowed Tony to attempt to get the Gauntlet from Thanos and fail, knowing that he would never give up reliving this nightmare for the rest of his life, until he came up with a solution.... The nano tech Gauntlet - which gets the stones off of the Gauntlet instead the futile effort to get the gauntlet from Thanos. [too bad cinemasins-for-blockheads missed it] 🤷‍♀️

    3) He fought Thanos just long enough to frustrate him - this led to Thanos agreeing to let Stark live in exchange for the stone.

    4) He used the time stone to see every possible future including the one path to victory - then he sent a message across space and time - and beyond death itself - to the Ancient One. By willingly giving up the stone - he signaled her that she needed to do likewise.

    His actual strategies were far more brilliant than all the Dr. Obvious stuff in the forum which Dr. Strange clearly saw and realized that it would lead straight to the Avengers doom.

  • Mr. M

    Mr. M

     16 hours ago

    Bro you should totally put up a small screen with your video talking this. Lol I am LMAO.

  • Sabber


     18 hours ago

    Hold up hold up hold up hold up hold up. Hold up. If there are bonus sins on Patreon, then this isn’t “Everything Wrong With Endgame”. It’s only “Most of the Things That Are Wrong With Endgame”.

  • Miniskwibles Jr.

    Miniskwibles Jr.

     19 hours ago


  • Clash


     21 hours ago

    I've always felt this way:

    The excuse for why Captain Marvel wasn't around Infinity Wars makes her a complete idiot. You're telling me that she decided to worry about all of the other planets while Thanos was on a rampage to wipe out 50% of all living beings, including the living beings on the planets she was defending? If that was your reasoning, then you shouldn't have put that stupid ass shit in the movie. The idea that the Avengers didn't explain to her how dumb her logic was, in fact they seem to agree, makes them complete idiots, too.

    P.S. Captain Marvel is a self serving piece of shit for ruining Peggy's past with her then family, only so he could be with her.

  • RanoK Beraine

    RanoK Beraine

     23 hours ago

    Missed one.
    Hulk was holding two tacos, but after the cut he gave only one to Scott.

  • Cheryl Chan

    Cheryl Chan

     yesterday +2

    how dare you judge the best movie in the world

  • quick silver 578

    quick silver 578

     yesterday +1

    18:56 forgot to remove one from the sin counter