Stop Calling Everything a “Lifestyle” Brand

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 25, 2019
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  • CollegeHumor


     5 months ago +1238

    Our analytics show that 90% of consumers who care about their OWN comedic wellness subscribe to DROPOUT.TV (it's WORLDWIDE!) No pressure, just thought you'd want to be informed.

  • Spare-me-your-sorrow


     5 months ago +2887

    Glossier is that you??

  • d0rmu


     5 months ago +1116

    Katie doesn't see makeup

  • Volcryn Darkstar

    Volcryn Darkstar

     5 months ago +1017

    It's not pepperoni pizza! It's a soul cleansing disk of wellness triangles adorned with sliced meat talismans.

  • Aaron J. Campbell

    Aaron J. Campbell

     5 months ago +2721

    "Like a raccoon...who's been punched!" I laughed hard at that one.

  • Kaiya 。。

    Kaiya 。。

     5 months ago +1470

    When Katy wears makeup she looks like Grant

  • Serena Koehler

    Serena Koehler

     5 months ago +1974

    putting on neon green eyeshadow this is my lid softening eye kiss glowing powder

  • James Zetterman

    James Zetterman

     5 months ago +791

    Gwyneth Paltrow has left the chat

  • adia


     5 months ago +292

    no but really, this is an iron clad criticism of how the beauty industry uses manipulative language to pander to pseudo-liberated women while still capitalizing on their self hatred

  • Forest Flower

    Forest Flower

     5 months ago +2291

    I like the wet n' wild pallettes nice touch

  • Emperor Sulu

    Emperor Sulu

     5 months ago +661

    Katie has the undeniable skill to make me hate her guts with every inch of my being, within a 3 minute span of time.

  • Phil Smith

    Phil Smith

     5 months ago +685

    Which is scarier: Cokehead Katie or Hunbot Katie?
    -- Trick question! Seabird isn't a multi-level marketing scam; it's a multiple tier personal sales confidence operation.

  • Aedan Gallagher

    Aedan Gallagher

     5 months ago +323

    Anyone: Calls something by it's name.
    Katy: We don't do that here.

  • Ojreader


     5 months ago +855

    It’s not even a waist trainer... it’s a corset 😂 Rebranding at its finest 👌🏻

  • Zachary Laid Finding Freedom

    Zachary Laid Finding Freedom

     5 months ago +1861

    It's not a burrito.....

  • Jet C

    Jet C

     5 months ago +107

    Please do not call Cocaine, Cocaine. It's a positive mind enhancer.

  • stxrfish


     5 months ago +49

    "every waist of every size needs to be hugged"

  • LordGatar


     5 months ago +87

    No one talking about how Katie clearly got roped into a pyramid scheme? No? Okay...

  • Jemma Scott

    Jemma Scott

     5 months ago +400

    Who let Katie join a MLM group?

  • Floedekage


     5 months ago +121

    I'm sure Seabird is lit AF and not like any other brand who tries to market themselves as progressive to make more money!