Worst As Seen On TV Products - RANKED

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • We've gathered some of the worst As Seen on TV products we could find, and now it's time to rank them and see which is the worst of the worst.  GMM #1437

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/OT0tHcBygtE


  • Ivan Bracamonte

    Ivan Bracamonte

     an hour ago +1

    we need more cotton candy randy, how about cotton candy randy peppermint flavor

  • Bryan Haraway

    Bryan Haraway

     2 hours ago

    Jordan and Emily should have a show

  • OctaFla


     9 hours ago

    Jordan makes me want to break my phone

  • Amunoodles


     9 hours ago

    I never knew the blonde girl's name, but shes cute

  • PasteliBoba


     11 hours ago

    *_The massage mask looks like Sally’s mask from Sally Face_*

  • Trumpy Bear

    Trumpy Bear

     12 hours ago

    I want that arm exorcize thing. Haha Damn it they got me.

  • ThePoetographer Canrite

    ThePoetographer Canrite

     13 hours ago

    Stevie is stupid cute!

  • Pallavi Sinha

    Pallavi Sinha

     13 hours ago

    I love Rhett’s sweatshirts♥️

  • Ethan W

    Ethan W

     14 hours ago

    The point of the egg scrambler is not just to scramble eggs, but it puts nsfw thoughts in Stevie’s brain... first the man hears his wife saying “oh yeah” to a vibrating sound, and then the product gets discontinued because they were sharing needles... lol

  • brian olmstead

    brian olmstead

     21 hours ago

    2:27 you’ll understand

  • Sega Tortoise

    Sega Tortoise

     22 hours ago

    Wait how old is stevie if she was a kid in the late 80s i thought she was in her 20s

  • Prakhar Aggarwal

    Prakhar Aggarwal

     22 hours ago

    Hello Clarice.... Tht tht tht tht tht tht tht

  • Areli & celine

    Areli & celine


    I remember my brother would watch this like three years ago and I thought it was boring now I watch it and my sister thinks it’s boring (for now) 😂😂😂

  • James  Power

    James Power


    Is Cotton Candy Randy's son wearing a shirt of his dad?

  • WafflePafflePikachu TV

    WafflePafflePikachu TV


    Hey I have seen a as seen on YouTube.

  • Dustin Winters

    Dustin Winters


    Stevie can make me BUST

  • ssj rose

    ssj rose


    Kill me but I didn’t know who cotton candy randy was until I seen him and the shirt

  • Joshua Duplaa

    Joshua Duplaa


    Rhett, link, do yourselves a favor and stop wearing skinny jeans. Poor fashion choice for every man, especially men in their 40’s. Just a suggestion.

  • Katherine Hague

    Katherine Hague


    I'd donate if I was allowed

  • ugh life sucks

    ugh life sucks


    h i d a d d i e s