Reality of Petrol Price Hike by Dhruv Rathee | Huge Tax Increase



  • Dhruv Rathee

    Dhruv Rathee

     8 months ago +381

    May 2018 UPDATE: Petrol prices are now at a record all time high. In Mumbai, it is ₹84 per liter. This is because the crude oil price has risen to $70 / Barrel but the tax has remained the same

  • Questions attention

    Questions attention

     3 days ago


  • Rahul Thakur

    Rahul Thakur

     4 days ago

    Bhai petrol ke daam low ho chuke hai jara videos banayenge.......low price ke upar

  • Chris Abby

    Chris Abby

     7 days ago

    Itna tax kamane ke baad bhi fiscal deficit?

  • Ashish Bisht

    Ashish Bisht

     7 days ago

    If ur indian don't like this chaneel iss sale ne india army ki surgical strike ko fake bola bc sala

  • Tarun Shende

    Tarun Shende

     8 days ago

    You are doing a very nice job Dhruv bhaiya . Please don't stop spreading awareness regarding our country

  • Pramesh Darsena

    Pramesh Darsena

     9 days ago

    Hi dhruv i am commenting on akl your videos but still you haven't replied to them.
    Just to notify you petrol price in chhattisgarh today is 64rs per liter now. Its the lowest if you collect the data from last 4-5years.

  • Imran Sarkar

    Imran Sarkar

     9 days ago +1

    great analysis....

  • yash chavan

    yash chavan

     9 days ago

    But what about the value of rupee to dollars , value of rupee was decreased remarkably and as the trade of crude oil takes place in dollar currency , we had to pay more because rupee was getting weaker and weaker .... Back in Congress rule when rupee was 56 to 1 dollar the prices of petrol were 73.2 RS per litre . If you compare these prices of 80rs per litre considering inflation and demonization to previous prices I say the prices in Congress government were over hiked . And please give appropriate information , petrol prices in India have been more than this in past times . Stop spreading fake news .

  • israr shaikh

    israr shaikh

     10 days ago


  • Kishan Shrestha

    Kishan Shrestha

     11 days ago

    Well, I am not supporting any politic party but since i have seen your videos, there is the truth.
    But real estate has come down significantly after the Modi government.



     11 days ago

    Petrol Bharat se sasta Nepal me hai

  • Amit Biswas

    Amit Biswas

     12 days ago

    Bhai log ye feku hai is ka b parda fash ho gaya hai .an open letter

  • Mark X

    Mark X

     12 days ago

    Maharashtra main 87.00 per liter per phoch Gaya tha are (jantako loot rahe hain log ) chi valo ko pm banoge to aisa he hoga bhai kisi pade likho issan koi he jeetav

  • Anshul Dwivedi

    Anshul Dwivedi

     12 days ago

    Ab kam ho gaya hai uska bhi video bana do; saare negative video hi banate ho

  • Ayush saxena

    Ayush saxena

     12 days ago

    Why aren't you converting 2012 crude oil price in INR ?
    1. Dollar was 49 in 2012 and this year dollar is 71-72.
    In 2012, crude oil was approx INR5000/ barrel and 2019, it's 3800/ barrel. So don't say that crude oil was double than todays rate. Pls Don't be like Congress.
    2. Consider inflation. You don't want 5 year old salary but want 5 year old petrol rates

  • Deeni Ta'lim

    Deeni Ta'lim

     13 days ago

    Modi sala chor hai

  • Venkatesh Taadla

    Venkatesh Taadla

     14 days ago

    Before seeing this video I thought he knows something. After seeing this video, I am confident he knows little and talks like a professor

  • Venkatesh Taadla

    Venkatesh Taadla

     14 days ago

    Now petrol price is decreased to 74.. Now make a new video

  • anoop singh negi

    anoop singh negi

     15 days ago

    Bhai aako salute banta hai