GLASS Final Trailer (2019)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 11, 2018
  • Final Trailer for GLASS
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  • FilmSelect Trailer

    FilmSelect Trailer

     a years ago +605

    Here is the final trailer for Glass

  • Franco Corradi

    Franco Corradi

     1 months ago

    The fight of the year: The Overseer vs The Horde & Mr. Glass.

  • inner circle

    inner circle

     4 months ago

    0:55 the logan paul personality

  • 노래 불러미치 에스

    노래 불러미치 에스

     6 months ago +1

    I already watched it it’s creepy and good

  • Emiliano Aranda

    Emiliano Aranda

     7 months ago

    1:51 mad

  • foxopossum


     8 months ago

    Best movie I’ve seen since I don’t know when!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reality Check

    Reality Check

     8 months ago

    Soooooo BORING

  • winstom guttierrez flores

    winstom guttierrez flores

     9 months ago

    Better than that garbage of endgame

  • ferretplayz noob

    ferretplayz noob

     9 months ago

    is this a horror

  • Dope ktm

    Dope ktm

     9 months ago

    Man why why this puniy guy?

  • UniqueGeekFreak


     9 months ago +1

    First name: Mr
    Last name: Twist

  • M M

    M M

     9 months ago

    This movie was not what i had expected.
    It was boring

  • Dante Lipschits

    Dante Lipschits

     9 months ago

    1:27 this scene wasn't in the movie

  • Sam Marks

    Sam Marks

     9 months ago

    After watching this film from start to finish i am now utterly convinced that Hollywood actors and directors are the most fucked up people on the planet. Watching those grown adults pretending to be super humans was one of the most embarrassing things i have ever seen. Beyond sad, actually disturbing to watch. Fuck me, i think i would be happy if the whole fucking lot of them were put against the wall and shot. Trumps a hero, carpenters and plumbers are heroes, Ice enforcers are heroes. Not fucking freaks who pretend to be werewolves. Get a fucking job ladies!!!!!

  • R_Faisal


     9 months ago

    finally, there are the good twists : about Kevin father, who realy is the Psychiatrist & and the real plan of mr. Glass. the coolest final trilogy I think.

  • nassim naimi

    nassim naimi

     9 months ago

    watch glass for free

  • NitroVexProductions // Gaming and Music

    NitroVexProductions // Gaming and Music

     9 months ago

    Nicky Fury on Wheels.

  • Bob Sprout

    Bob Sprout

     9 months ago

    Basically “Split” with some Glass.

  • Dimitra St.

    Dimitra St.

     9 months ago

    James is gonna be butt naked again?

  • Mohmmed Sadek

    Mohmmed Sadek

     9 months ago

    if you wana watch this movie for free no ads no survery