"Obama out:" President Barack Obama's hilarious final White House correspondents' dinner speech

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 30, 2016
  • As President Obama gets set to leave office, take a look back at one of his most memorable moments when he didn't hold back in his final speech at the White House correspondents' dinner firing barbs at himself, Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/NxFkEj7KPC0


  • Olivier Dols

    Olivier Dols

     2 hours ago

    cant we pas a laww that only obama may be elected as many times as we want

  • Alexandros Angouroudis

    Alexandros Angouroudis

     3 hours ago

    Who's that clown?

  • Debi Barrington

    Debi Barrington

     3 hours ago

    He lied out his pearly whites in the video where he and Presifent Trump met in the oval office ..he said to the press " we want to do everything to help president elect Trump to SUCCEED!!!! CUZ IF HE SUCCEEDS OUR GREAT COUNTRY WILL...HE AND ALL OTHERS HAVE DONE NOTHING TO HELP !!!

  • Peter Sanz

    Peter Sanz

     3 hours ago

    Jokes that white people should not make? Six seconds in? What does that mean? We as white people should not have a voice??? Can't make jokes?? Please, someone clarify? I know it's 'old, but here, RIGHT HERE, is where I think the racial divide actually got cemented by this President. It was his goal and his aim. And he succeeded.

  • Mia Mau

    Mia Mau

     5 hours ago

    I will watch this always and forever...... those and these are the facts

  • NO La

    NO La

     6 hours ago


    “We got 6 people having 4 conversations in 1 sentence, and you just told me Ambassador Taylor that this is where you got your “Clear Understanding???
    And YOUR there star witness your their first witness???
    “Ive seen prayer chains that are easier to understand than this”

    -Congressman (R) Jim Jordan (American Hero)

  • HPB


     7 hours ago

    PresidenT oBarnum..

  • TicketyBoo


     9 hours ago

    It's so good to look back to a time when I respected America and it's president, when America 'was' great. One man destroyed all that.

  • Alan Kuo

    Alan Kuo

     9 hours ago

    So much winning.

  • Michael Peters

    Michael Peters

     12 hours ago

    I miss having a smart, thoughtful president who can tell a joke and take a joke.

  • Michael Lux

    Michael Lux

     15 hours ago

    This guy makes me sick to my stomach....he's so full of himself

  • mich torrie

    mich torrie

     17 hours ago

    oh Obama I bet you were eating your words the day you handed over the keys to Donald trump, your failed actions as a president cost this country dearly

  • Karen Berino

    Karen Berino

     19 hours ago

    So refreshing - I miss his grace, humor, intelligence, dignity, honesty and the ability to bring people together through those traits. I feel blessed to have been alive to see the presidency perfected. Not saying he was perfect, but he certainly took all the minuses and made them pluses. He will go down in history as , not just the first black president, but the most scandal free president. <3

  • NO La

    NO La

     21 hours ago

    NO La
    Obammy = *Hussein will go down in history as the most traitorous Trojan Horse the Deep State Cabal got elected*

  • Lu Uu

    Lu Uu


    No one caught he's announcing "End of the Republic" has never looked better! & This might be the last or maybe
    LAST correspondence dinner :/ so many hidden Innuendos in this speech.

  • Jim myz

    Jim myz


    Haha...best joke....."Next year this time some one else will be standing in this spot...and it's anyone guess who she will be" almost as funny as Obama reading mean tweets on Kimmel and dropping his free Obama phone...."at least I will go down as a President".....haha...suck it Obama...and you're wife's a dude.

  • mike zi

    mike zi

     yesterday +1

    I'm re-watching this 13 November 2019

  • Randy Blythe

    Randy Blythe


    Trump can never be as funny, cool and smart as Obama

  • The Shell

    The Shell


    By the way, President TRUMP found the 'Magic Wand'.....Brace yourself buddy, because he's bringing it around ! Bahahahahahahaha

  • The Shell

    The Shell


    Laughing while trying to destroy America.....A clown, who buys $65,000 worth of Hot Dogs... LOSER