Sankranthi Full Song 2020 || Mangli || Kasarla Shyam || Madeen S.K ||

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 10, 2020
  • Sankranthi Full Song 2020 || Mangli || Kasarla Shyam || Madeen

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    Director- Damu Reddy
    Lyrics- Kasarla Shyam
    Singer - Mangli
    Music Programing- Madeen SK
    Editing- Uday Kumbham
    DOP & Execution - Thirupathi
    Camera Assnt- Paramesh
    Gfx - Aretty Mittu
    Costumes & Jewellery - Ranjitha Guvvala
    Colour Grading - Sanjeev Mamidi
    Sponsored By - Mantena Ravi Raju
    Special Thanks - Appi Reddy
    Thanks - Ganti Peddapudi Village (E.G Dist)

    Makara Sankranti (మకర సంక్రాంతి)
    People wear new clothes, pray to God, and make offerings of traditional food to ancestors who have died. They also make beautiful and ornate drawings and patterns on the ground with chalk or flour, called "Rangoli" or "muggu" in Telugu, in front of their homes. These drawings are decorated with flowers, colours and small, hand-pressed piles of cow dung, called "gobbemma" (గొబ్బెమ్మ).
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